Wash Away Your Oily Skin Concerns!

4 everyday cleansers to help your face go from oil slick to clean & sleek.

By Chris Ong        27 July 2021

For those of us with an oily face condition, combination skin or facial skin that tends to such an “oleaginous” state, living in tropical SG isn’t exactly a boon. While we may not have to worry about getting enough vitamin D from the copious amounts of sunshine available here, we might feel extra dirtied, oiled-up and uncomfortable given how the heat and humidity might worsen our greasy skin situation, resulting in any of many problems. A super-shiny appearance, increased sebaceous production and excess sebum, congested pores, bacteria buildup, and even zit breakouts are but some of the daily troubles you might, well, face. One way to deal: Wash your countenance every day with the right kind of cleanser. While you can stick to your usual or “traditional” cleansers, it’s best to use ones that are made for oily, combination or acne-prone skin types as these specialised “cleaning solutions” are formulated to treat such conditions, while other products may contain ingredients that could aggravate your skin or exacerbate your oily skin problems. Here are 4 facial cleansers to try to keep you looking less slippery and slimy, more clean and happy.


Sébium H20 (500ml), $41.90, Bioderma

Some of us may be real busy folks, and sometimes, at the end of a long day at work or taking care of the family, all we wanna do is to just hit the sheets, without bathing. We hear you and we understand you, but do at least clean up your face with this here micellar cleansing water. Just apply it to some cotton pads and wipe your face gently; it promises to clean and remove makeup without the need for rinsing. What’s more, this makeup remover’s created for combination, oily and acne-prone skin; it’s part of the French brand’s Sébium range that’s formulated with its patented Fluidactiv to help with regulating sebum and prevent clogged pores. Enriched with purifying agents, zinc gluconate and copper sulphate, it cleans skin, limits its sebaceous secretion and is even developed to mimic skin’s natural composition, so it doesn’t dry out your face as you Zzzz away.

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Photo: Lookfantastic

Willowbark Face Wash (125ml), $11, ManCave

Okay, so this one’s made for the dudes and is not made specially for oily skin, but is marketed as a traditional, lathering sulphate-free face wash that actually does the job of eliminating excess oil, removing skin debris and more. It’s a “manifold” product (geddit? “Man-i-fold”?) from the brand’s problem-solving range: deep-cleansing, detoxifying, refreshing, hydrating and soothing. How the gel does this: It contains the natural astringent, willowbark, that has anti-inflammatory, conditioning properties; the natural antioxidant, green tea, to help cleanse and detoxify; and the anti-inflammatory antioxidant, spinach extract, to aid in nourishing and invigorating the skin. Enough talk; just get to work on your face with this multi-tasker.

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Photo: Zalora

Sebo Vegetal Purifying Cleansing Gel (390ml), $30, Yves Rocher

This fresh, clear gel (it’s just the bottle that’s green, just so you know) does the job for peeps with normal to oily and combination skin – meaning it’s great for sharing with the fam if your loved ones have any of these conditions and since it comes in a larger family-friendly 390ml bottle. This vegan product is mineral oil- and silicone-free, and purifies skin by gently removing excess sebum, impurities and makeup. The best bit? It comes enriched with a rebalancing Canadian Boreal Tea powder, that works to control shine (the not-so-nice kind that results from an oily face), neutralises the appearance of imperfections and refines your skin’s texture by mattifying it. A good one to use before stepping out of the house, then.

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Photo: GetIt by Changi Recommends

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser (150ml), $40.97, Kiehl’s

If for some reason you just don’t like the idea of using any product with any kind of oil as an ingredient on your face (though it could be beneficial, but that’s another beauty and grooming story to be told another day), here’s your go-to cleanser. A quick-lathering foam that’s tailored for those of us with normal or oily skin, its lightweight, sulfate-, paraben-, fragrance- and colorant-free formula (making it safe and gentle enough for sensitive skin, too) is developed to help to get rid of impurities and excess oil without over-drying. But, what is present in this to enable you to look more refreshed, and your mien, more balanced: Imperata Cylindrica (Desert Plant extract) to aid in providing hydration, and antiseptic and astringent lemon fruit extract to freshen and stimulate.

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General Disclaimer:

Although we have featured beauty and grooming products here for your personal use, it might be advisable that you read the ingredients list on the product packaging, conduct a patch test or even consult a professional healthcare professional first before fully utilising the product to prevent any kind of adverse reactions such as skin irritation or inflammation, or if you have health concerns. It is generally recommended that people who are pregnant, have medical conditions, allergies, extremely sensitive skin or other skin concerns perform a patch test or seek advice from a GP or a family doctor before applying any new cosmetic products on the body and skin.

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