A Shave A Day Keeps The Strays Away!

4 Beauty & grooming devices to help keep you looking good whether you are staying in or heading out.

By Chris Ong      19 August 2021

Just because you might be working at home or staying in more, doesn’t mean you should be grooming yourself any less. Yes, it’s easier to let things be au naturel, but such neglect could lead to slovenliness. It’s not just for vanity; grooming regularly helps with maintaining basic personal hygiene, keeps us focused and organised with a daily routine of habits, activities or rituals; and psyches us up to face the day and the rest of the world. Here are 4 handy beauty and grooming shaving devices from the ever-innovative Philips to help you keep smooth and clean, on any and every day of the week.

Photo: Phillips

Shaver series 9000: Wet and dry electric shaver (suggested retail price: $449)

If you are the kind of fella who takes the business-slash-art of shaving seriously, then you need the right kind of tool to achieve “perfection”, such as one of Philips’ most advanced shavers, the Shaver 9000. The tech behind this: It utilises V-Track Precision Blades that supposedly places follicles in the best position for cutting (up to a possible 30% closer in fewer strokes); has 3 ContourDetect heads that flex in 8 different directions so you catch more of those oddly-placed stragglers with every pass; offers the flexibility of a wet or dry shave with its AquaTec Wet & Dry seal (so both shaves are convenient and comfy); and has a SmartClean PLUS system that cleans, lubricates, dries and charges your shaver with just a touch of a button. Now, this is what we call a high-tech shaver to meet all your (high) maintenance needs.


Photo: Phillips

Epilator Series 800: Wet and dry epilator (suggested retail price: $199)

Ladies, here’s a beauty product that’s made just for you. While everyone would love to say that we woke up #flawless, ridding your body of stray or unwanted hairs is hard work. This full routine set can help make your task that much easier and more of a personal treat than a beauty chore. The epilating device itself provides gentle but powerful epilation (over 70,000 hair-catching actions per minute), with an extra wide epilator head so it covers more skin with each glide. It has an ergonomic S-shaped handle with an anti-slip grip so it’s easier to control and have it reach every part of your body. Plus, it has a light feature so it can illuminate all those sneaky fine hairs so that you won’t miss them. This smooth operator also comes with the works: a shaving head and a trimming comb, a pedicure foot file with a rotating disc, a delicate area cap and an optimal contact cap, an exfoliation glove, a cleaning brush and a pouch to contain them all.


Photo: Phillips

Bodygroom series 3000: Showerproof body groomer (Suggested retail price: $59)

Some of us like it hirsute, others like our bods silky smooth as a newborn babe’s bottom. If you are the latter, or just want some DIY manscaping so that your patches of jungle don’t grow too wild, then you need a body grooming tool  such as this. Catch them all (hairs on your underarms, chest, stomach, legs and even the groin area) with this skin-friendly shaver. It has a shaver head with patented rounded tips and a hypo-allergenic foil so it’s safe and comfy to use on your body, with bi-directional trimmers that can cut longer strands and a comb attachment that you can use to trim follicles to a fixed length of 3mm if you still want to keep a semblance of a “hairy personality” for yourself. And, yes, as its product name states, you can use this conveniently while you shower.


Photo: Phillips

Nose trimmer series 3000: Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer (suggested retail price: $449)

Let’s face it; there are other parts on your countenance and around your head where hair grows that may be of concern to you. And, let’s be frank, when we sometimes see stray or wild strands standing out from our brows, unfurling out of our ears and peeking out of our nostrils, we can’t help sometimes but to tweeze, pull or pluck at them. Why cause yourself all the annoyance, inconvenience and pain when you can just use this multi-tasking trimmer to get at them? And, don’t worry about feeling sudden ouchies; the nifty device’s dual-sided cutter designed with Philips’ PrecisionTrim technology and Protective Guard System that provides a cover over the blades, ensure that trimming unwanted hairs from your brows and orifices is kept safe and efficient, while protecting you from any kind of hair pulling or tugging, and skin nicks and cuts.


All products featured here are available at www.philips.com.sg and authorised brand stockists.

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