Sustainable Relationship Hacks

Achieve peak romantic equilibrium with these handy tips!

By Kelvin Low      27 March 2020

“Happily ever after” is a great ending in movies, but love alone is often not enough to sustain a healthy relationship. Every couple has their ups and downs and both partners have to be committed to ironing out conflicts and differences.

Here are some steps you can take to create a strong foundation for a healthy relationship that grows stronger everyday!


Relationships won’t make you happy.

The biggest, yet most common mistakes you can make in a relationship is seeking your happiness in the other person. The phrase “you complete me” being quite a misnomer, yet many people seek love for the wrong reasons.

Start being happy by identifying the areas you feel unsatisfied with and make changes. Pursue the lifestyle that brings out the best in you and treat the right partner as the one who brings additional happiness to your life instead.


Be open to change

We like familiarity like a stable job, with an expectation that a relationship be safe and predictable. Not couples, they grow and evolve, both as individuals and as partners. Metathesiophobia, the fear of change, has people staying in a relationship because they are afraid of being single, or of the effort and risk involved in trying to find a different partner

It’s time to let go of the past, learn to embrace change or reach a compromise. Additionally, compromise can help in preserving love that will last a longtime.

Create a safe space

We let our guard completely down to our partners, which is a naturally occuring safe space. But, that can be worn away with time. Therefore, it is a good habit to set aside a time and space for you and your partner to talk it out.

Be curious, not judgmental: Rather than shut someone down with judgment, ask more questions so that you understand better where your loved one is coming from. Most of the time, we’re so caught up with the rat race that we tend to get insecure once progress seemingly stops. Getting together in the safe space to communicate with each other will offer the much-needed validation.


Don’t depend on each other for social life

The need to socialize is an individual trait. Each of us has an ideal level of social activity to feel connected and emotionally comfortable. Some prefer to spend time with other people, while some prefer more solitude.

When partners differ on their social needs, one must find a mutually agreeable solution if they’re going to avoid problems. Try to mingle with new friends, as interacting with your partner’s friends can make you appreciate your partner more and add fulfillment in your relationship.

Alone time

It’s crucial to have independence and alone time within a relationship. It can be a healthy sign that you’re prioritizing yourself as an individual both inside and outside of your relationship.

Make time to reflect on who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Alone time can be easily found by sitting alone in a car, bedroom or even pursuing a personal hobby. It helps you create your own joy by reconnecting with yourself.