Start Mountain Biking Now!

Your guide to choosing the right gear.

By Kelvin Low      17 November 2020

It’s a great cardiovascular activity which engages the arms, back and legs. Cycling is a low-impact sport, yet works every part of the body.

While the choice of bicycle is as diverse as the sport itself, the mountain bicycle is considered the most versatile of all bicycle types. In Singapore, a budding cyclist can choose to explore the different nature trails, or cruise down the various park connectors (PCN). A mountain bicycle easily meets most of the cycling requirements.

Your new ride

Choosing your first mountain bike is a difficult buying decision, with bicycles ranging from S$200, and into the stratosphere. As a rough guide, S$500 can buy you a good mountain bicycle which is built to handle the majority of Singapore’s cycling trails.

Image credit: Polygon Bikes

An example of a decent mountain bicycle you can get within a S$500 budget is the Polygon Cascade 4. As a hardtail (a mountain bicycle with a suspension fork), it has a fork which features 100mm of travel for shock absorption. It also features a total of 24 gear combinations (a.k.a 24-speed) which is handy to tackle any terrain. Its main draws are the hydraulic disc brakes, which deliver consistent braking performance in all conditions. Hydraulic brakes are also extremely powerful, yet only require a light touch on the brake levers.

Designed as a cross-country mountain bicycle, bicycles like the Polygon Cascade 4 are chiefly designed for trail riding, and not for the more advanced mountain biking which involve jumps, back flips or tricks. Check out the SAFRA Urban Bike Challenge for an example of advanced mountain biking.

While the bicycle is the most important part of the equation, there are accessories that help you enjoy the pleasures of mountain biking safely. Here are five items that you should prepare for a great cycling experience.


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