Splash Lands Top Award

Kidz Amaze indoor wet playground at SAFRA Punggol wins Best of Category Award from LIAS.

By Yong Shu Chiang      2 February 2018

To translate dreams into reality, an avid Kidz Amaze team sought input from its young clientele and took serious consideration of all ideas presented before designing and developing the playground, in consultation with professionals.

More To Come

Sharmila, who has a Masters in Education and a 16-year background in the early childhood industry, recognised that play is “serious business” to a child. She added that Kids Amaze aims to be a community enabler in helping children develop holistically by learning through play. “My vision for Kidz Amaze is to be a market leader in the playground industry,” she said. “As a playground, there are so many ‘teachable moments’.” One example is the current Good Behaviour Campaign, organised in partnership with the Singapore Kindness Movement, to bring out the sense of kindness in children at the playground through a series of characterbuilding activities. Kidz Amaze has also roped in a group of enthusiastic kids for another project to formulate a set of rules called “Our Playground Rules” for all users.

“I ask myself, ‘What do children really enjoy?’ and how do I ensure that family members find their visits memorable and fulfilling, and wish to return for more fun?” said Sharmila. To ensure fun and unique play sessions at all three Kidz Amaze playgrounds, Kidz Amaze is exploring the possibility of integrating digital experiences. As Kidz Amaze continues to work on improving its customers’ experiences and achieving a market-leader status, getting awards only offers some satisfaction to Sharmila, who said: “The greatest satisfaction I derive is from the happy faces of our kids and their families.”

Kidz Amaze is a great place for families with children of different ages. Here are some tips from Families for Life on how to spend an enjoyable day bonding with your family:

1. A healthy breakfast

The first meal of the day helps you gear up for the day’s activities. Rise and shine as a family, enjoy breakfast to kickstart your metabolism, and have an engaging conversation on the day’s plans.

2. Plan a monthly excursion

Think of a new place to visit each month. Consider different themes: a visit to the museum, a walk in the park or even a cooking class to attend together. For more educational fun, get your kids to help plan the excursion on a fixed budget.

3. After-dinner walks

If you’ve already made time for dinner with the kids, why not go for a leisurely walk afterwards? It’s a healthy activity, aids digestion, and is a fun way to explore different places in Singapore. It’s also a chance for them to get to know you better. For more tips on how to spend quality family time, please visit www.familiesforlife.sg.


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