Sing Along

88.3JIA and POWER 98 Love Songs DJs share their all-time favourite National Day songs.

By Edmund Wee      8 July 2020

From left: POWER 98 Love Songs DJ Mike Tan and DJ JK

POWER 98 Love Songs DJ Mike Tan

What Is Your Favourite National Day Song?

My absolute favourite will always be 2009’s What Do You See by Electrico – such a triumph of words and melody with a rock edge and synth beats.

Why Is The National Day Song Important To You?

Every year’s NDP song is important because it has the power to galvanise and unify Singaporeans from all walks of life. Music is a universal language and an NDP song becomes a way for all of us to remember our similarities as Singapore citizens.

What Are Your Thoughts On This Year’s Ndp?

I absolutely love this year’s theme because it hits the message of 2020 spot-on – that we need each other to survive, to thrive and to carry on. Indeed, we are stronger together. And for the things we cannot control – for example, taking in the NDP celebrations at home, and not being able to be at the Padang or on the Float – we can learn to be thankful and appreciate what we do have, like our health, family, having a TV or social media or an internet connection to watch the performances.

POWER 98 Love Songs DJ JK

What Is Your Favourite National Day Song?

Kit Chan’s Home is possibly the greatest NDP song of all time. I’m also quite partial to Electrico’s What Do You See, Stefanie Sun’s We Will Get There and Sylvia Ratonel’s In A Heartbeat. But in terms of memories, feelings and emotions, I’d have to say Tanya Chua’s Where I Belong. I was in Secondary 2 and was one of the students chosen to perform it during assembly.

Why Is The National Day Song Important To You?

These songs were actually part of my growing up years. I can still remember my music teacher playing them and telling us: “Rehearse!” To me, the National Day song is perhaps one of the most important parts of every NDP, in addition to the fun packs and defence displays.

What Are Your Thoughts On This Year’s Ndp?

It’s more important than ever – we can’t let COVID-19 stop us; we need to be stronger and rise above it. This year’s will be super-special. It’ll be different and yet the same – it’s all about Singaporeans coming together

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