Sing Along

88.3JIA and POWER 98 Love Songs DJs share their all-time favourite National Day songs.

By Edmund Wee      8 July 2020

With this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) 2020 theme being “Together, A Stronger Singapore” – a rallying call for Singaporeans to stay united as one people – the celebration of our nation’s 55th year of independence will be broadcast over TV and internet platforms, with some parade segments moving to the heartlands.

While this birthday bash might be slightly different, the National Day theme songs that we listen to always have the same stirring effect, filling our hearts with patriotism. We chat with four DJs from 88.3JIA and POWER 98 Love Songs on their all-time favourite NDP songs.

From left: 88.3JIA DJ Kai Ying and DJ Shu Hui.

88.3JIA DJ Kai Ying

What Is Your Favourite National Day Song?

It’s a toss-up between Singapore Town and We Are Singapore. I love the catchy, joyful tune of Singapore Town and how it actually introduces local sights through the lyrics. We Are Singapore is a great anthem, reminding us that regardless of race or religion, the fact is that we are Singaporeans and fellow countrymen, and should look out for one another.

Why Is The National Day Song Important To You?

Singaporeans are more reserved by nature. But we can express our emotions and love for our country through these tunes – especially those of us who are living abroad, as it would evoke in them a sense of belonging.

What Are Your Thoughts On This Year’s Ndp?

I think everyone who’s used to the grandeur of past parades might be a bit saddened that this year is going to be smaller. Nevertheless, we all understand that the COVID-19 situation is something we don’t want to risk, so having a smaller event in our own home isn’t too bad. It also means we don’t have to ballot for tickets!

88.3JIA DJ Shu Hui

What Is Your Favourite National Day Song?

Where I Belong by Tanya Chua. Its infectious melody is easy to sing along to, and the meaningful lyrics bring out the patriot in me. The song is also one of the earlier NDP tunes with both English and Mandarin versions. I actually tear a little whenever the song is performed live.

Why Is The National Day Song Important To You?

Having a new National Day song every year has become a tradition which many Singaporeans look forward to. No matter what our favourites are, crooning loud and proud to an NDP song is a perfect way to rally together and show our patriotism.

What Are Your Thoughts On This Year’s Ndp?

The theme is especially relevant as Singaporeans need to stay united and emerge from challenges stronger than before. For this year’s NDP, I’m excited to see the state flag and F-15 fighter jets flying around Singapore. I’m also looking forward to seeing the Red Lions make their landing in the heartlands for the first time!


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