Scaling Up

The SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme lets you upskill yourself for life, says biomedical engineer Muhammad Afiq bin Samsudin.

By Edmund Wee      6 July 2020

Like many other National Servicemen who have ORDed, 29-year-old biomedical engineer Muhammad Afiq understands the struggles of finding a job.

“Securing a job can be tough, as employers often look for both experience and academic qualifications,” he said. When he chanced upon the SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme, he believed it would give him an opportunity to upskill himself and expand his career pathway.

Muhammad Afiq, who is currently pursuing a BSc Biomedical Engineering at SUSS, is expected to graduate later this year.

“After my National Service, I started my career with a low starting pay as I had no prior work experience in the field. I have always wanted to further my education, and this sponsorship has helped me achieved that. With this programme, it not only lets me develop the much-needed skill sets for the industry I am in, but also facilitates business networking with my classmates and professors.”


The programme was formed in 1994 to encourage and provide SAFRA members with education opportunities. Some of the renowned institutions in Singapore partnering SAFRA to offer Diploma, Degree and Master’s programmes include the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), SIM Global Education, PSB Academy, Informatics Academy, Kaplan Higher Education Institute, as well as Aventis School of Management.

For Muhammad Afiq, a longtime SAFRA member, his journey to upskill himself began when he heard about the scheme from a warrant officer during his National Service.

“I wanted to find alternatives to fund my studies while working. I researched more online on the education sponsorships that were available in Singapore and decided that the SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme suited me best,” he said.

He filed his application online. “Besides filing my academic records, I had to request for references from my NS superiors,” he explained. “Luckily for me, I had a great relationship with everyone and they responded promptly with recommendation letters.”

Next were the crucial interview rounds. Muhammad Afiq recounted how he winged it: “I believe I gave them a good first impression when I turned up dressed in a suit. At the same time, I had prepared well and was able to answer the questions from the panel without any problem.”


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