Upskill, Upgrade And Level Up Your Career Future

Here’s your chance to upskill yourself, hear what our SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme awardees have to say about this sponsorship.

By Sean Tan      25 February 2021

They say learning is a life-long journey, and one can never be too old or too late to upskill oneself especially in the current challenging climate. Diversifying and expanding your skillsets not only allows you to remain relevant as industries shift focus into the new digital realm, but it can also help you stay competitively viable and ready to face the challenges in our economy ahead.

While there are various avenues to upgrade your skills and many courses you can consider signing up for, do take some time to explore the various bond-free sponsorship offered by our private education partners to offset your course fees. In the journey to upskill yourself, this could perhaps be one of the best decisions you can make.

Group Picture of Attendees to 15 Dec event pub

Introduced in 1994, SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme aims to encourage its members to upgrade themselves through lifelong learning. Over the years, SAFRA has partnered with various private educational institutions (PEIs) to offer Diploma, Degree to Masters program sponsorships. This scheme is available to all SAFRA members who have completed their National Service. All you need to do is fill up an application form together with an enrolment form from your institution of choice and attach the required supporting documents for submission during the application commencement period. This would be updated on our website. Shortlisted applicants would be interviewed by our Education Committee before being put forth to the respective PEIs for their selection.

For more information on the SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme, visit https://www.safra.sg/promotions/bond-free-education-scheme

Here’s what some of our awardees have to say to you and hopefully, inspire you to take the leap of faith and try out for this bond free education sponsorship:


Jake Loh, 42, Technology Manager at Advanced Remanufacturing & Technology Centre, A Star
Course: Master of Business Administration
School: Aventis School of Management


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