Reel-ing The Singapore Culture

Singapore’s movie culture has a rich history with these titles that were proudly made here.

By Kelvin Low      11 February 2020

Photo Credit: CathayKeris Films

Lion City

Starring: Wong Ting Ming, Lian Tong Seng

With references to the political conditions of the time, the film tells of the love between Shao Ming, the son of a factory owner, and factory worker Feng Ling, set against the backdrop of social class struggles and Singapore’s first election.


SAFRA Tampines Upgrades

Fresh from an improvement, this clubhouse celebrates the new milestone with much fanfare.

Never The Twain Shall Meet?

As two disparate food cultures, Spanish tapas and Asian hotpot could not be more different. Or are they?

Master Commander

Ruminations of National Service and fatherhood.