Positive Vibes Boost

Tips to increase your home’s good energy flow.

By Edmund Wee      14 April 2020

Another no-no is positioning the bed against a corner of a wall, as the qi which is hemmed in the corner might create an energy block.

Sleep position

While proper placement of furniture can help create favourable feng shui in the bedroom, one’s sleep position also has an important role to play in whether you’re getting proper shut-eye. “Do not sleep with your head or foot in direct alignment with the bedroom door,” he says.

“Sleeping with your feet pointing towards the bedroom door is considered bad feng shui.” This is because qi entering the room through the door will “crash” against the bed, causing you interrupted or poor sleep, he adds.

Desk placement

As more professionals telecommute to facilitate social distancing, where you place your home office desk becomes an even more important consideration.

A favourable placement is one in which you are seated with a solid wall behind you. This wall represents strength and support that would help you advance at work or school. Avoid placing your desk under overhead beams, which can “suppress” your qi and energy flow, he adds.

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