The Home Eco Warrior

Gear up with these gadgets to bring the fight against waste and pollution at home.

By Kelvin Low      24 March 2020

In addition to the many conveniences smart devices bring into our lives they can also enable us to run more efficient, energy-saving and eco-friendly homes. Here are a few gadgets to add to the home arsenal if you’re looking for a techy way to make your home greener and more comfortable!

Boogie Board


With the world marching towards a paperless society, scrap paper for that quick scribble of notes is getting more scarce by the day. This electronic writing pad by Boogie Board allows you to write or draw on the screen, and the information will stay on as you need it to be there. It does not need to be charged, with a battery that can last up to five years.

Built to be as eco-friendly as possible, the materials used are non-toxic and safe for children. The high contrast writing surface creates an almost luminescent line which is easy to read and easily photographed with your phone should you need to save it, or downloaded with a smartphone app.

Ariston Andris2


Arguably the first smart water heater officially available in Singapore, the Ariston Andris2 Top uses integrated Wi-Fi features for remote control via the Aqua Ariston Net app. It allows for precise temperature control in 1°C increments to save on heating costs.

The app also features shower-ready push notifications as well as the next available shower timing. It even allows users to check on real-time water temperature. Besides being able to turn the product on and off, users can set a weekly heating schedule for hot water when you want it.

Hunter Douglas Intelligent Shades


These shades help to block the harsh sun on summer afternoons and protect your furnishings from damaging UV rays. When integrated with a compatible smart home system, one can also program the smart shades to raise and lower in response to light and temperature sensor commands sent from that system.


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