PC Gaming Gear Deals For The Win!

Setting up your personal PC gaming station at home doesn’t have to be an expensive affair.

By Chris Ong      9 July 2021

A gamer yourself, have a budding esports person in the family, or just want your loved ones to feel more at ease and have more fun with a dedicated entertainment nook at home? A PC gaming setup is probably what you would want to look at to satisfy all of everyone’s needs. Since gamers (both casual and rabid) are spending more time at home these days, it makes sense to do up a proper space (or place such as a gaming room if you have the real estate) where you can spend hours whittling away enemy health in comfort. Problem is, the cost might be a deterring factor. No worries; we have listed here some tech deals and promos that you can look up for affordable yet top gear to save your precious loot (a.k.a money), mana (a.k.a. energy) and time (both online and IRL) for starting your journey to winning that monster hunting quest, speed car race or Olympic-level sport.

Dell Technologies laptops
Photo: Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies laptops

If you are a noob, a casual gamer or just aren’t ready to go about creating your own build (PC setup) from various tech brands, it may be be easier, less of a headache and less time-sucking to get your PC or laptop and your tech accessories from the same brand. Like, say, Dell Technologies, for example. This American tech company produces and sells all you need for a basic gaming station – your must-have PCs and laptops, as well as peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, headsets, webcams and what have you. What’s more, Dell has its Alienware make of gaming laptops, specially engineered for optimising its user’s gaming experience. Armed with the brand’s proprietary Cryo-Tech Technologies, fast yet thin 15-inch and 17-inch displays, and low mechanical keyboards co-developed with top keyboard maker Cherry, the Alienware laptops are next-level machines made for marathons and mashing.

Dell Technologies, multiple locations, www.dell.com.sg

The deal for the win: SAFRA members receive 22% off Inspiron 13 5310, Inspiron 14 and Gaming SIF15 PC; 30% off Dell USB-C Mobile Adapter, Dell Premier Rechargeable Wireless Mouse, Alienware RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Alienware Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse; or 50% off S2421HS and S2721HGF Monitors at Dell Technologies. Click here for more information.

SteelSeries peripherals
Photo: Hwee Seng Electronics

SteelSeries peripherals

If you are a serious gamer or future esports athlete-in-training, then there’s no better brand to invest in than SteelSeries. Founded in 2001, the Danish company is one of the OGs that developed and brought much mainstream awareness and success to the professional gaming and e-sports industry. Of its many firsts in the world: first gaming mouse pad, first gaming headset, first to collaborate with esports players and first mechanical gaming keyboard, among many other accolades. What it means for you: The gear it makes are cutting edge and made “for glory” (the company’s tagline). Available at its local distributor’s online stores are its famed gaming mouse pads, mice, keyboards and headphones. Buy one of each and you are “ready, set, play”.

Hwee Seng Electronics, www.hweeseng.com; shopee.sg/shop/23165478/search?shopCollection=14361457 (shop here); www.facebook.com/hweesengelectronics

The deal for the win: SAFRA members receive 12% off SteelSeries products at Hwee Seng Electronics official store @ Shopee. Click here for more information.

AOC monitors
Photo: AOC Monitor

AOC monitors

Naturally, if you want to have your eye on the enemy, you need to have a fast performing, high resolution, and smooth game display (the last thing you need is to be pwned by a bad refresh or frame rate, or response time). Head to AOC to get those best “eyes” i.e. monitors. Why? ’Cos the company’s been producing them for more than 5 decades, with its goods and services available in more than 120 countries worldwide, and is a brand of TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD monitor manufacturer. If these words don’t impress, than just go look up the visuals (but, of course). For serious gamers, it’s got to be the AGON 27” AG273FZE gaming monitor that comes with a screen shield; for all the others, try any of the curved ones. Not because they look fancy, but because their curved screens enhance your viewing pleasure. Imagine exploring whole fantasy worlds and landscapes via an immersive and panoramic display experience. Wide, wild and epic.

AOC, sg.aoc.com; www.lazada.sg/shop/aoc (click to shop here); www.facebook.com/AOCSG; www.instagram.com/aocgamingsg

The deal for the win: SAFRA members receive 5% off for 24-inch monitors and above at AOC. Click here for more information.

APOL chairs
Photo: APOL Singapore Facebook

APOL chairs

For a proper gaming setup, it’s not just about all that cool tech that’s in front of you, but also what’s behind you (or rather, what your behind is sat on). If you intend to click and tap away the hours trying to level up your experience points, then a comfy seat is what you need. Our reco: APOL’s ergonomic chairs. Its chairs are made with CloudTech Foam (so they are extra comfy and durable), come with 4D adjustable armrests (so you can even rotate them inwards and outwards if you wanna), features breathable PU leather (so you get some air flow to cool down when things heat up) and a multi-functional tilt mechanism (because true kings and queens lean back when they win). Choose your throne from these three: Sphinx (for the petite champs), Kraken (for the middleweight victors) and Behemoth (for the big hitters).

APOL, Showroom at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, 7030 Northstar@AMK, #06-53, 569880, apol.sg; www.facebook.com/APOL.SG; www.instagram.com/apol.sg

The deal for the win: SAFRA members receive a free premium footrest (worth $77) and an additional $30 off for every purchase at APOL. Click here for more information.



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