7 Must-Have Travel Gadgets For The Working Globetrotter

Work smart, travel smarter.

By Sean Yee        29 September 2023

It is truly amazing how the advancement of modern technology has transformed the way we live, the way we connect, and even the way we travel. Especially for those who travel for work, it has never been easier to work on the go, with an array of gadgets and travel accessories that essentially convert your luggage into a mobile office. 

That said, it is delightfully astounding how inventors continuously find novel solutions to everyday problems. Take, for example, a portable air purifier that can be worn around the neck. Or a compact travel-friendly printer that doesn’t require injections of ink to print.

For the working travellers out there, we have the ultimate travel accessories list that showcases how you can have the best of both worlds – efficiency and portability. 

1. Quair Plasma Mini

Don’t let the compact size of the Quair Plasma Mini portable air purifier fool you – beneath its unassuming form lies Quair’s pioneering Bipolar Ionization technology which essentially kills airborne pathogens and odours with charged ions. Strung together with a silicon neck strap, it is especially portable and low-maintenance, with a battery life spanning 10 hours. It also has a built-in fan to refresh and cool your breathing space.

Though nothing shows off the capabilities of this device more than concrete lab-tested results — it is said to eliminate 99.99% of Influenza A viruses, 98% of PM2.5 particles, and 86% of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

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2. Dell 256GB Combo Flash Drive

Storage is always an issue when shared working files are huge in size. And while we do have cloud file-sharing platforms like Google Drive and iCloud, they are limited by our access to the Internet. 

Dell’s trusty Combo Flash Drive is possibly one of the most versatile travel accessories to have, equipped with both standard USB and USB Type-C ports that are compatible with most modern gadgets. With over 256GB storage space, it is more than enough to contain the bulk of your working files which you can access anywhere. The winning point of differentiation, however, lies in its Read and Write Rate. Capable of a Read Rate of up to 100 Mbps and a Write Rate of up to 15 Mbps, the flash drive ensures that file transfers and operations are seamless and lag-free during your business meetings, presentations, and pitches! Every purchase also comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

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3. Brother Portable Printer (PJ-863)

Online annotation applications are so ubiquitous that it may seem that a mobile printer is unnecessary. That is, until the moment actually calls for one. 

Brother’s portable printer really alleviates the severity of the many ‘what ifs’ scenarios you could face as a business traveller. Lightweight, mobile, and compact, its in-the-field printing functionalities can be accessed via an active Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. But what really drives its point home is its thermal printing technologies – you essentially do not need ink or toners for this machine to function. 

Don’t think of it as a portable printing device but rather, as a travelling office! 

Get a PJ-863 printer at brother.com.sg/en/products

4. The Nori Press

Picture this: You have a high-stakes Zoom meeting with your clients during an already hectic business travelling itinerary…then you see that your business shirt is creased and wrinkled, and it’s too late to send it for a good ironing.

Avoid this all-too-common conundrum with The Nori Press – the travel-friendly steam iron that bids that pesky ironing board adieu! It does everything the conventional iron and steamer can do, from dry-clean finishes to double-sided presses. Did we also mention that The Nori Press comes with 6 heat settings optimised for specific fabric types

Finally, you can begin your impromptu work meetings with a fresh set of clothes, and a fresher attitude! 

You can get The Nori Press at nori.co/products/the-nori-press

5. Wacaco Minipress Espresso Maker

Love coffee?

Well, with Wacaco’s portable Espresso Maker, you can have your dose of caffeine anywhere! Utilising Nespresso Original capsules (which come in an assortment of blends), this mobile coffee maker works on a semi-automatic piston that masterfully extracts the richness of your espresso capsule with an optimised quantity of water to ensure a satisfying cup every time.

Best of all, it is battery-free, mess-free, and fuss-free. You literally just need two components – hot water and a coffee capsule – for a pick-me-up during any work trip! 

Coffee lovers can get their own portable espresso maker at theplanettraveller.com/product

6. WAMP Cordless Air Humidifier

Hate that your work trips always result in dry skin, cracked lips, and sinus issues? 

It takes a frustratingly long time for even the most veteran of business travellers to acclimatise to varied climates, especially when it involves abrupt transitions between strikingly different regions. Climates that are dry and humid are possibly the most punishing. 

What you need is WAMP’s Cordless Air Humidifier. Promising 10 hours of comprehensive humidification before requiring a charge, this portable travel humidifier is the perfect complement to your work-travel lifestyle. Simply fill its base with water, opt for either its single or dual functionality, and let it do what it does best! From the office to the car and even the bedroom, this light and compact humidifier fits anywhere.

And as a nice little touch, it also operates as an ambient nightlight for that extra touch of comfort!

Get your own mobile air humidifier at shopee.sg/product

7. Glocalme Numen Air

A perpetually interconnected world has created a demand for Wi-Fi connectivity for even the simplest of tasks, let alone high-stakes transactions and operations. You just can’t be disconnected from the world as a working professional. 

Glocalme presents the world’s first Global 5G Mobile Wi-Fi, an upscaled variant that is stronger, faster, and more efficient than its 4G predecessors. No more do you have to store a collection of physical SIM cards — Glocalme’s patented CloudSIM technology filters only the best signals from an international list of networks without the need to incur unnecessary roaming charges, change SIM cards or prepay whenever you cross the border. No matter where your business leads you, Glocalme is a reliable Wi-Fi router that can operate for over 12 hours without a charge.

Working with a team? This device can connect to up to 16 devices, with an additional slot for a nano-SIM as well as a Type C port.

Stay connected with Glocalme Numen Air at glocalme.com/product/numen-air

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Main photo: Kristin Wilson on Unsplash