Open Canvas

Spruce up your home with these smart devices that fuse art design with technology.

By Edmund Wee      13 January 2020

Meet the technology that adds sophistication to your home with these smart devices that look just as good as they are smart!

Meural Canvas

Showcase your favourite art or your own photography, and hang it up as a centrepiece at home with this digital art frame. Using patented TrueArt technology that renders the quality of images museum-like, Meural digital frames are highly versatile and allow you to toggle easily between horizontal and vertical orientations. Best part: The smart frame is highly efficient as it uses less than half the energy of a common light bulb. Available in two frame styles and three colours, each frame is Wi-fi-connected and lets you access the thousands of art pieces from anywhere in the world.
From $999

Nanoleaf Canvas

Create your own lighting masterpiece with the first-ever touch-controlled smart lighting solution with its modular design. With interactive touch controls, you can “paint” and colour the squares simply with a brush of the hand across the panel. This smart lighting solution also comes with a unique staggered linking system that lets you create designs ranging from solid grids to abstract asymmetrical ones.
US$199.99 ($272)

MuiLab Smart Wood Panel

Designed by a “calm design technology” startup in Kyoto, this is a smart home control hub that aims to create a relaxing space where one can live in harmony with nature while remaining digitally connected. With its aesthetically pleasing wooden user interface, this touch-activated panel has a variety of functions: It doubles as a clock, displays news and weather information, lets you send and receive messages, and even comes with a “keyboard” function for typing and displaying messages.
US$999 ($1,359)


Designed as an intelligent write and erase robot, it lets you write text and draw images on any wall surface, ushering in a new era of digital content creation. With its built-in engines and patented technology, the robot can safely draw, erase and redraw content on surfaces ranging from whiteboards to glass, turning walls into an interactive canvas. Users simply have to send any digital information sourced from the Internet to the robot, which will then create and update the content on the wall or any vertical plane.
US$499 ($678)


Turn your desktop into a workshop with the robotic arm of Rotrics. Ideal for makers and designers who would like to convert their creative ideas into fruition, the robot lets you create anything from unique art pieces to personalised gifts for friends. It has a touchscreen smart control and boasts a modular design, which means it is highly versatile – it is able to write, draw, do laser engraving and even 3D printing.
US$499 ($678)