7 Tips To Cut Your Expenses And Save More

New year, new tips to maximise your savings.

By Aaron Seah        2 February 2023

The dreaded increase in GST from 7% to 8% has descended upon us, leaving everyone feeling the pinch from rising cost of living. All is not lost as we will just have to get creative with our purchases. Having a well thought out plan will help alleviate this predicament, while not having to sacrifice on your needs. Here are seven tips to save on what matters most.

Stick to a credit card that offers cashback

Who said paying for things can’t earn you money? Be financially savvy with your spending habits by utilising credit cards that can help save on your expenses through cash rebates and other benefits. What’s more, maximise your cashback when you link your preferred card with cashback platforms like ShopBack or Fave to earn even more savings!

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Have more home cooked meals

Rising inflation and the GST increase has made eating at your favourite food spots a tad more expensive. Choosing to eat-in more often can help to offset those food costs. Cutting down on the visits to your favourite restaurant might put a sad face on your tummy, but your wallet would definitely thank you later. Limiting your frequency of eating out and preparing your own meals at home is one of the biggest ways that you can cut down on food expenses. Plan your meals in advance and make a grocery list – this will allow you to shrink your grocery bill even more when you only buy the items needed to cook up healthy meals for yourself and your family

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Delay your purchases

Eyeing that new video game or new pair of sneakers? Already at the check-out page? Hold your horses and take time to consider if those must-haves are really a need. Put off those purchases for a few days and take time to cool off from the excitement. After those few days, if they are still lingering on your mind, you can proceed with the purchase. If you have forgotten about them, it’s probably more of a want than a need – save up those dollars for something that you will probably need!

Bonus tip: For purchases like apparels, consider the product life-cycle and whether you would see yourself wearing it two to three years down the road. If it’s a no, then you might want to remove it from your cart.

Do your homework

Did you know that the same fast food meal can cost differently at various locations? Similarly, your everyday essentials like fresh produce sold at the same supermarket can be priced differently at different outlets. Moral of the story? To get the best bang for your buck, take time to make comparisons on the items you wish to get and make your purchase from a source that best satisfies your need and wallet.

Here are other shopping hacks to shop smarter.

Always Clear Cache

Ever searched for the price of a flight or hotel, only to find the price has increased hours later? This is due to the tracking cookies used by travel sites to track your searches and preferences. To overcome this, simply clear your cache before every new search or use your web browser’s incognito mode to switch to a private browsing setting that will prevent your search history from being saved and deletes records of the pages or websites you visit. Don’t fall prey to these dynamic pricing strategies and save more!

Simple is more

Enjoying time together with family and friends doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Bask in the lush greenery that Singapore’s abundant nature parks have to offer. Leave the concrete jungle behind and have an epic day out hiking and indulging in an inexpensive picnic filled with some home-made sandwiches at the Botanical Gardens or have a laid-back time enjoying the sea breeze and catching the wind beneath your kite at Marina Barrage. Fancy a more luxurious setting? Head down to Changi Airport, where you can enjoy the magnificent views of planes landing and departing, watch free movies, free wifi, a play area for your kids, and budget food options like the staff canteens that wouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Here are some ideas for nature spots.

Review your life insurance policies

They say health is wealth, which is why having sufficient coverage in your insurance policies is essential. It is important to regularly review your life insurance policies to review the benefits that you’re eligible for, evaluate if your life insurance needs have changed, and check if you need additional or new coverage. By doing your due diligence, you might be able to save a large sum in the long run – all while being sufficiently covered and protected against the uncertainties of life.

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