Singapore Food Faves – Where To Get Laksa

Get your fix of this classic spicy and coconutty noodle at hot dining spots in Singapore.

By Chris Ong        29 March 2022

Fact: Singapore’s an island of foodies. Also, fact: it’s an island of great food that can be found anywhere and everywhere on the Little Red Dot.

To help you figure out where you can get your hands on some of the most beloved food dishes easily without you Google-searching the whole of the island, we’ve come up with a 4-part series featuring the hot spots serving up your all-time familiar faves.

Laksa’s the star of the first instalment, and here are the easy-to-find dining businesses dishing it out.

(Look out for the other parts of this series, where we cast the spotlight on zi char, nasi lemak and Peranakan food and where you can chow down on them.)     

1. Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Photo: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Not that most of us need reminding, but Ya Kun Kaya Toast does offer much, much more than just your regular cups of kopi, teh, kaya toast and eggs.

Aside from non-caffeine beverages and pastries, this major kopi-shop-slash-cafe chain also serves up some local dishes that are as easy on the palate as they are on the pocket. Think mee rebus, mee siam, and yes, even a piping hot bowl of prawn laksa.

Here, it’s done Peranakan noodle soup-style with coconut milk and spices, one that comes with sliced fish cake, prawns and cockles. Frills-free, satisfying and affordably priced, pair this with a hot local drink and some slices of its famous kaya toast to make this a complete meal that hovers around the $10 mark. Just note that it is only available at selected Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlets, such as the one at SAFRA Toa Payoh!

Available at selected outlet, multiple locations, http://yakun.com; www.facebook.com/yakunkayatoastsg; www.instagram.com/yakunkayatoastsg

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2. Rocky Master

Photo: Rocky Master

Rocky Master may appear like a Western-style cafe serving your usual cuppas; it’s that and more.  The halal-certified chain actually boasts an extensive selection of Western, Asian, Fusion and Gourmet food and drink items.

A quick perusal of its menu offers up a list of yummy comfort food such as quesadillas, croissants, pastas, burgers and pancakes. Look a little harder – specifically under the “Local Favourites” section – and it’s there you will spot Pan-fried Carrot Cake with Prawns, Curry Chicken with Baguette, and your find-of-the-day, the Laksa Supreme.

For $13.50, Rocky Master’s own signature recipe sees a twist on this familiar fave, with the inclusion of cuttlefish balls, quail eggs, cucumber sticks and a side of its home-made sambal chilli (for that extra fiery kick).

Multiple locations, www.rockymaster.com.sg; www.facebook.com/RockyMasterSingapore; www.instagram.com/rockymaster_sg

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3. 328 Katong Laksa

Photo: 328 Katong Laksa

Okay, this is one of the top representations of Singapore-style laksa (at least for many foodies here). This decades-old establishment is even known globally – thanks to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay pitting his laksa-cooking skills against Ryan Koh (son of the founder Nancy Koh) in the Singtel Hawker Heroes Challenge show. The verdict: The multiple Michelin-star award winner lost against Koh in a people’s vote.

So, what’s in the Kohs’ world-famous Katong laksa? Thick chopped white vermicelli, coconut milk broth, prawns, fish cake, dried shrimps, herbs and spices. It’s simple yet tastes lovingly home-cooked (it is a family recipe after all), with its savoury balance of the fresh, the sweet and the spicy. That this $5.50 dish can be found at 4 outlets (including 2 within shopping centres) is an added bonus.

Multiple locations, www.328katonglaksa.sg; www.facebook.com/328katonglaksa

4. D’ Laksa

Photo: D’ Laksa

With such a bold moniker, you know what it’s banking its success and reputation on: Laksa, of course.

Founded in 2012 by a Penang-born foodie who had a passion and love for Asam laksa (also known as Assam laksa), the company currently has dozens of outlets in Malaysia and 6 in Singapore. Which means, its laksa dish must be more than sedap (Malay for “delicious”) enough for the people.

Expect an authentic Penang-style rendition of the dish – Asam Laksa sees rice noodles cooked in a traditional tamarind-flavoured fish-based broth (in place of the strong coconut base of the Singapore version), and topped with cucumber, lettuce, onion, pineapple and shrimp paste (from $4.50). Order the Asam Fishball ($3) and/or Asam Lobster Ball ($3.50) to add more heartiness to this hot and sour dish.

Multiple locations, www.dlaksa.sg; www.facebook.com/dlaksasg; www.instagram.com/dlaksasg

5. Violet Oon Singapore & National Kitchen by Violet Oon

Photo: Violet Oon Singapore

Question: What looks like laksa, smells like laksa and tastes like laksa, but is not actual laksa? Answer: When it’s dry laksa.

And, the rendition by esteemed chef Violet Oon, might just rival some of the best traditional ones out there in Singapore. The official description of this dish: “Fresh rice noodle tossed in Violet’s laksa gravy, topped with prawns, tau pok and bean sprouts.” The damage: $26.

It doesn’t sound like much and costs enough for you to buy several servings of laksa from your neighbourhood hawker centre. But, trust us – once you try this fragrant pasta-like dish, you might just find it hard to return to your normal, everyday version.

Multiple locations, https://violetoon.com; www.facebook.com/VioletOonSingapore; www.instagram.com/violetoonsingapore