Can Your Best Friend Do This?

Learn the perks of having a furry pal with Power 98 Love Songs DJ Jacqui Thibodeaux.

By Ryan Wee        30 March 2022

Take this quick friendship test. Will your best friend…

  1. … be there for you when you wake up sad?
  2. … give you a back massage after a stressful day at work?
  3. … lick your face to let you know everything is going to be okay?

We hope you answered no to the last one.

For radio DJ Jacqui Thibodeaux though, she’s fine with it. Because her friend is gentle enough. And also a 6-year-old dog.

Jolie (the pup) checks all the boxes for a best friend for Jacqui (the DJ from Power 98 Love Songs), and the pals love spending time together at home unwinding.

Hear more from Jacqui on why a pup makes for a best friend!

Q: What’s the story of how you met?

Jacqui: My husband and I both previously had dogs who had passed. One day, we decided to visit a farm, and then another and then another but we didn’t really feel a connection with any of the dogs and it’s truly something that you feel, with this other being. So we adopted Jolie when she was 6 months old.

If it is not just right, you’ll know, and so will they. Jolie’s six years old now. She’s docile and very cautious but when she gets to know you, she’s very loving… or, if you have food!

Q: What kind of care does Jolie need, and what are your top 3 must-have items?

Jacqui: Jolie is a pretty independent pup. She’s not high maintenance at all. She doesn’t need a lot of attention but DOES require a lot of running around. She’s so athletic & energetic so I guess you could say, she keeps US in shape.

Items we can’t do without are:

  1. Poop bags, for obvious reasons.
  2. Braided Chicken with Porkhide bone treat. It’s her favourite!
  3. Lastly, the BEEZTEES collapsable bowl, perfect for when we go to the dog park to let her run around.

Tip: You can get your pet care items at Pet Lovers Centre with a discount for SAFRA members.

Q: What are some of Jolie’s quirks?

Jacqui: She loves to sniff us, and people. She’ll randomly want to get really close to me, almost as if to say “What am I smelling? What did you eat? And… why didn’t you share it with me?”

It’s amazing how much she loves to look out the window, at the people passing by and the traffic. My folks say “it is her TV”. Let’s just say she’s low maintenance because she doesn’t need a mobile device to keep her occupied. I try to watch the traffic with her but there’s only so much honking I can take!

Q: Describe one cool activity you’d do on a day out with your pet.

Jacqui: A dog cruise! We’d take the VIP Pawrents Package by Royal Albatross because The husband & I haven’t been on a vacation since before we got married due to Covid-19, so if we could bring Jolie, that would be quite the experience!

There’s also the vespa tour by Singapore Side Cars we’d love, but Jolie is about 12kg so we’d probably need a side van.

SAFRA members get up to 15% off cruises with Royal Albatross and vespa tours by Singapore Side Cars.

Q: The biggest lesson your dog has taught you?

Jacqui: Adopting Jolie as opposed to buying a dog has been one of the most fulfilling decisions because there are so many dogs out there who are just waiting, to make your house, into a home. No matter the breed, they still require the same love and attention and give it right back.

Q: Any advice for a dog-lover looking to get a dog?

Jacqui: Don’t get a dog just because you think they’re cute. I’ve had many conversations with the people from these associations, people tend to want to get a dog because it’s a distraction, maybe a family member spontaneously wants one. But a pet is a life, and a lifelong commitment. Treat it with respect, kindness and love!

Q: Share some words of wisdom for other pet owners out there!

Jacqui: Love your dog, show them affection, interact and play with them. They’re smarter & pick up a lot more than you think, go for more walks with them because you’ll find it gets you more exercise AND more one-on-one time with the pup, it helps you bond and you’ll find, you, & others – can’t help but love them. It’s got to the point where, before I visit my parents – they ask, “Are you bringing Jolie???”

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