Late Night Healthy Eats

Great places for a non-guilty feast.

By Kelvin Low      23 August 2019

While there isn’t a shortage of healthy food options in the day, those who have time for themselves after the sun sets will always be searching for an open food outlet that doesn’t serve guilty pleasures. While the healthiest meal you can have is home-cooked, there are late night alternatives to get pumped up with!

Photo Credit: Char Grill Bar

Char-Grill Bar

Western cuisine for the masses, with plenty of healthy options on the menu, the home-grown joint has over 20 outlets around Singapore. Seven outlets cater for the late-nighters, operating till 3am. The Char Flaming Grill Chicken is a must-try, and it is served with a choice of two sides which include healthy season vegetables and salads.

Photo Credit: Baja Fresh Singapore

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill Singapore

A relatively new face in Singapore, this US-based restaurant boasts an all-fresh, traditional fire-grilled Mexican favourites on the menu. Having a total of four outlets, its Rendezvous Gallery branch opens till 4am from Wednesday to Saturday. Skip the rice if you’re counting carbs and go straight for the salads which are served with tortilla strips.

Photo Credit: Heng Long Teochew Porridge

Heng Long Teochew Porridge

1006 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534744

While it may not be the only Teochew porridge stall around, it certainly has a strong reputation for serving good food till 4am at night. A mix of Teochew porridge and “tze char” stall, it features common and affordable dishes which is as close as it gets to home-cooked meals. A wide variety of items are high up the healthy scale. Go for steamed food!

Photo Credit: McDonald’s Singapore


The fast-food chain does have a few healthy food options on the menu. Our picks would be the Grilled Chicken McWrap or the Grilled Chicken Salad Meal without the sauces, and pair them with a garden salad, corn and water as the drink choice if you’re going for a meal. With plenty of outlets around the island, this is the most accessible of the lot.

Photo Credit: The Garden Club

The Garden Club

Nestled in the middle of Singapore’s CBD, The Garden Club is located on a rooftop terrace. They offer plant-based menu items and healthy quick-serve bowls which include grilled meats, varieties of cooked and raw vegetables and a multitude of healthy grains. Late night at the city office? No worries now.