Indulge The Healthy Way

Who says traditional Lunar New Year treats have to be calorie-rich or sugar-laden?

By Edmund Wee      11 January 2020

Watching your waist line, or looking to serve up something different for this traditional Lunar New Year? Here are some hand-picked healthy alternatives to fill you with goodness and health for the season!

Non-Dairy & Egg-Free Love Letters

$32.80 per tub
Delcie’s Desserts & Cakes

Known for its allergy-friendly cakes and pastries, Delcie’s is retailing vegan love letters this Lunar New Year. Handmade with iron moulds over charcoal fire, these premium pastries taste of freshly squeezed coconut cream and pandan. Both non-dairy and egg-free, these vegan versions make for delectable treats that are sure to please the health-conscious.

Spring Vegetarian Yusheng

Jia Wei, Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Prepared with mock abalone and accompanied by Yogood muesli bars, Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant’s Spring Vegetarian Yusheng is perfect for those who want to avoid fish or meat during the festive feasts. The establishment also offers other yusheng variations, ranging from salmon to lobster.

Konnyaku Salmon Yusheng


Greendot has come up with the requisite Lunar New Year prosperity toss with a twist on the main ingredient: salmon made of konnyaku jelly. With a fried bee hoon base, this healthier yusheng is made up of green carrot, radish, carrot, pomelo, preserved melon strip, and sweet and sour ginger.

Cranberry Cornflake Cookies

$21.90 (330g per bottle)

Compared with many goodies in the market, this cookie contains less sugar and has a healthier range of ingredients such as dried cranberries and crushed cornflakes. HarriAnns’ sugar-conscious cranberry cornflake cookie is a golden snack dotted with an abundance of chewy cranberries. A relatively light snack, it can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Low-Sugar Peranakan Pineapple Truffles

$36.80 (560g per bottle)

Local design-driven creator of gift teas and artisanal foods, Sucre, which created pineapple truffles, is bringing back its Peranakan pineapple truffles in a healthier version. Handmade with the unique taste of the Straits Chinese, it is low in sugar and ideal for those who crave the Lunar New Year treat without the added calories. Sucre’s is different from the regular range: You can savour the intensity of Peranakan flavours of cinnamon and cloves, and the pastry is denser and crunchier than the regular variety, harking back to the original Peranakan pineapple tart.