It’s Yesterday Once More

Counting my blessings in the year of 2019!

By Yong Shu Chiang      15 November 2019

Going 2019 and welcome 2020! Seems like yesterday when we hailed the coming of 2019. Sure, I’m a year older but none the wiser. Indeed, taking online quizzes have not boosted my ego, even though 2019 has been a pretty decent year for me.

Healthy but not wealthy, and my crowning glory is still intact, albeit getting more salt than pepper these days. My wonky shoulder could now administer a good punch with relative ease thanks to the few months of rehab. The physio is also a tad surprised that at my uncle age, her course of treatment still worked so well.

And there was the huge reunion at my secondary school, which went without too much anxiety or awkwardness. Don’t need a face recognition app. I still looked myself despite the 28-year gap!

Another cause for celebration is my shrinking phone bill, which dived from more than $50 to just $8 a month. Thank you telcos! Continue your fight while we enjoy practically unlimited data, voice call minutes and text messages, across multiple mobile lines and SIM cards.

I can now post any photos and videos I want of my dog and my respective social media accounts, and remain connected! Sadly though, my mongrel has a much bigger following than me; he can do more tricks, looks cuter munching on treats, and rocks a dog collar better than I ever could.

My secret? I keep an eye out for new market entrants and sign up as interested would-be customers and trial participants as early as I can. This gives me first dibs on many of the enticing promotions they offer.

I am now a proud owner of four mobile phones and four registered lines! My wife, who is a big fan of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, jokes that this could easily subject me to investigation.

On the greener side, the vegetarian world has added another member. My younger daughter is going vegan part-time. Hope she outlasts my elder kid whose meatless day didn’t last a day, insisting somewhat indignantly that chicken was vegetarian. The good news is, she is eating healthy these days, going for more wholesome foods and more plant-based ingredients. She’s making her own meals at home more often too, and not eating out at restaurants as much – for selfish reasons. You see, she has had an uncanny knack for “closing down” restaurants, 12 to 18 months after she singled them out as her favourite food haunts!

And oh, I am receiving ‘butler’ service from my dog which has started to greet me at the door with slippers. They may not be mine, the slippers I mean, but it’s definitely a start.

Coming 2020 and my wish for him is to surprise me with another new trick, or start beating me at online quizzes?!


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