New Health Trends For 2020

Here are some of the new trends and return of old favourites that will bring us into 2020.

By Kelvin Low      27 December 2019

The health industry is always changing with new ways of improving fitness and wellness. These are some of the most-talked health and wellness trends that gained popularity in Singapore, and could shape how we approach a healthy lifestyle in 2020.

Photo Credit: UNX

Experiential Fitness

The grand idea of this workout is to experience life while becoming more fit. More classes are popping up that focus on becoming fit while trying something new and fun. A few examples of experiential fitness are: dance fitness classes, obstacle course training as well as rock climbing.

Boutique gyms have also sprung up with their own unique experiential fitness offerings – with added social interaction as classes are often conducted with small groups. Working out with like-minded people can keep you motivated to stick with the healthy activity.

Hybrid Interval Training

You’ve heard of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and how effective it is. Hybrid interval training is aimed at those who find HIIT too intimidating. This new workout regime combines interval training, resistance exercise training and functional training.

Piloxing (pilates, boxing and dancing) is a fine example of a hybrid interval training. Because exercises include both low and high intensity intervals, it’s more appealing to those new to fitness, plus it can be tailored by personal trainers to suit individuals.


The Freestyler

The Freestyler is about functional training. It helps to condition the body for the activities performed in daily life, with the additional use of resistance bands to build strength, or tone muscles depending on the workout type.

As all the limbs are joined by the resistance bands, whole body coordination is needed to perform the exercises. An added advantage of this trainer is that it can easily be done at home, or in the gym as a group exercise.


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