How To Sing & Live Your Life Better In 2022

Music musings with Power 98 Love Songs radio DJ Joanna François.

By Ryan Wee        25 January 2022

Can music really make your life better this year?

If anyone knows, it’s this sassy vocalist who started singing on international stages at age 10, and got herself discovered and signed 4 years later by local veteran Dick Lee.

So after years of singing at gigs for crowds up to 8,000 strong and surfing the radio airwaves at Power 98 Love Songs, Joanna François knows music like Taylor Swift knows breakups.

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Scroll on as Joanna shares why music can be your secret weapon to acing 2022.

1. What’s one thing that can take us to the next level this year?

Why not try making your own playlists? I personally make playlists to help me through the day. For example, I have a ‘work out’ playlist, a ‘hype’ playlist and a ‘shower songs’ playlist!

Music helps to change your mood instantly and can lift your day in a moment. Why not try singing along at home to your favourite tunes on Power 98 Love Songs (we have a karaoke lyrics function on our Camokakis app!).

Also, taking up a new instrument could be a fun challenge for the year ahead. The ukulele, guitar and even the harmonica are some simple instruments you can try.

2. Mix music + goals for 2022. What do you get?

I did my research in 2021 and apparently resolutions tend to fizzle out by this date: 19th January. Because of this… I’ve resolved to not make any resolutions except upgrading to 1080×1920 megapixels. Just kidding!

I’m aiming to love, laugh and work harder in 2022!

Joanna performing at The Esplanade.

Music involves striking a harmonic balance and that’s my goal for this year – to find a good balance between work, play and relationships. It can be hard to find a ‘groove’ that suits you best but don’t give up! Once you find that balance, you’ll have found your 2022 melody and how sweet it’ll sound!

3. Hmm, there must be something behind how you get your inspiration. Cough it up: your secret hangouts for good music!

The Thai and Chinese cuisine under the roof of Gin Khao Sino-Thai at SAFRA Tampines has a tantalising playlist to match their awesome food!

Photo: Gin Khao Sino-Thai

If you enjoy music while BBQ-ing with the family, check out the BBQ pits at SAFRA Toa Payoh (the BBQ pits are currently closed due to Safe Management Measures).

Finally, for a hidden gem of a bar, Sago House and their smooth music playlist will do the trick!

Bonus tip: SAFRA members get 10% off at Gin Khao Sino-Thai at SAFRA Tampines.

4. How does music help in expressing your thoughts?

Sometimes we don’t have the words to all our feelings but music and lyrics can give us the words to express our thoughts and desires. I find this happens to me all the time when I sing a song I deeply relate to. It can be cathartic to release your voice.

Joanna on a gig at SAFRA Mount Faber.

Once, I was doing a duet with my guitarist at a wedding (pre-COVID!) and we had both just come off long days at work. We began to sing through all the songs on our wedding set list when we reached one of my favourite tracks: Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You by George Benson.

The bride and groom later remarked that they could see looks of relief on our faces – that’s because all of the stress of the day was melting away thanks to the music we were playing!

5. So… what if we can’t sing?

I’d say… “Can’t hold a tune? Well, not yet!”

Singing involves training the vocal chords and it uses techniques to bring out the voice inside you. You’ve got this! Keep singing, keep practicing, and soon that tune will be mastered by you.

6. Share your top tips for singing that we can practice in the shower.

Tip number 1: Hold a microphone to practice your microphone skills, aka your toothbrush!

Tip number 2: Always ground yourself in good singing posture (so you don’t slip and slide!)

Tip number 3: Warn your family and neighbours… hahaha! Go forth – the shower stage is yours!

7. If you could do a duet with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Anyone? Hmm… I would pick Bruno Mars. Leave the door open for me bro! His silky smooth vocals are a dream and I’d give anything to learn from the master. I would shamelessly ask him to KTV with me – maybe I’ll choose a classic karaoke song like ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ by Aerosmith! I don’t wanna close my eyes…

Joanna (right) living it up at the Bruno Mars concert in 2018.

8. Finally, what music/songs would you recommend for:

a) A morning get-up routine
Remind yourself of how amazing you are when you wake up with Aretha Franklin’s Respect!

b) A rainy day
All Too Well (Taylor’s 10-minute version) will help you wait out the rainy day in the comfort of Taylor Swift’s vocals.

c) A sleepless night
Ocean sounds or forest sounds always help me relax my thoughts!

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