Got Knee Pain? Hit The Swimming Pool! – With POWER 98 LOVE SONGS

Don’t be fooled – radio DJ JK is an aquatic beast in the water. Guess which one. (Hint: it rhymes with “win”.)

By Ryan Wee        21 October 2022

If you’re finding it harder to get yourself to the pool for a swim, you’ll need to hear from JK. This POWER 98 LOVE SONGS DJ is such a charged firecracker of energy, it’s a surprise he doesn’t trigger a seismic wave each time he jumps into the pool.

JK, who hosts the lunch timebelt with Power Lunch, will win you over straight away with his boyish charm and lightning-fast wit, though you’ll catch a glimpse of the generous soul inside if you listen closely.

Here he is to share why he loves swimming so much and why you should too.

Q: How did you get into swimming?

JK: I was recommended by physiotherapists to hit the pool, who said it would help to do low impact cardio exercise after my knee surgeries. And I have to say it really did work! It gets you moving without any of the excruciating shin splits, joint pains, calf strains and runners knees. Now, you’ll find me frequently at the swimming pools at SAFRA Mount Faber and Tampines.

SAFRA members enjoy free usage of the swimming pools at all SAFRA clubhouses. Go to safra.sg/amenities-offerings/swimming-pools for more info.

Q: Which is your preferred style of swimming?

JK: Breaststroke, or frog style. Mike (Power Cruising DJ and JK’s former co-host) says when I swim it’s toad style. I like it because it’s the easiest stroke. Plus, I still haven’t really gotten the hang of freestyle. I always feel like I’m drowning.

Q: Your motivation to keep swimming?

JK: When I need a tan. But seriously, I can only swim when the sun is out. Kind of like Superman. I don’t get the same energy boost on cloudy days. Swimming is also extremely therapeutic; great for killing stress. It’s also a time when I get some fantastic creative ideas too. It’s only you and the water. I find myself writing lots of ideas down after swimming.

Q: What is your (water) spirit animal?

JK: I like to think of myself as an elegant, graceful and beautiful dolphin. Though I think my children will describe me as more of a manatee.

Q: Is there one thing about swimming that more people need to know?

JK: Swimming is a life skill that absolutely all must learn! For safety, for health, for your life. I learnt how to swim when I was in kindergarten – it’s important to get the right skills and techniques.

Kids aged 5 to 12 years can learn to swim in a fun environment with FINS Swim School, located at SAFRA Toa Payoh, SAFRA Mount Faber, SAFRA Yishun and SAFRA Jurong. Exclusive to SAFRA Members. Register now for free sign-up gifts: www.safra.sg/FINS

Q: Tell us the worst moment you’ve had while swimming.

JK: When an auntie kept lapping me at the pool at SAFRA Mount Faber.

Another time, I almost drowned because two people in lanes on my left and right were doing the Joseph Schooling butterfly style. I know he’s gotten Singapore an Olympic gold medal with this style but it’s really not the most courteous swimming style in a public pool. Because you’re splashing so much and causing mini tsunamis, I actually swallowed water unintentionally thanks to the butterfly swimmers from the lanes next to me.

Q: The only way to beat them is to join them. How about taking part in a swimming competition?

JK: I’m too slow; maybe if they have a race for Singapore’s slowest, I will. But I have hosted a few charity swims for the SAFRA Swim For Hope! A fantastic cause that more people need to be a part of. This year, it’s a virtual edition so you can do it at your own pace and time. To everyone swimming in Swim For Hope, keep going!

There are many out there who are not as fortunate as us, and if spending some time in the water to improve your physical and mental health can also help the less privileged, it’s a win-win for all.

2 ways to support the beneficiaries of Swim for Hope 2022:

  1. Purchase More Than A Box
    Purchase a box containing daily essentials and goodies such as rice, cooking oil, sports towels and OTO Neck Massagers (total worth $145) for just $50. Nett proceeds from More Than A Box sales will go towards Swim For Hope beneficiaries. You can also opt to donate your purchased Box to the appointed beneficiary under President’s Challenge – Fei Yue Active Aging Centre.
  2. Make an Online Donation
    Make a quick and easy online donation to help the beneficiaries. Your donation will be eligible for IRAS tax deduction of 2.5 times the donated amount. Non-participants can also visit the S4H leaderboard and donate to individual participants to help them achieve their crowdfund targets.

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