Cookspo: 6 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You To Learn Cooking

Always wanted to be a cooking god or goddess? Start by following these accounts.

By Diana Najm        25 January 2022

The past two years have taught us that home is truly where the heart is. While we should treat ourselves to a nice meal outside from time to time, sometimes the best meals are those prepared by you for your loved ones.

This year, make it one of your resolutions to level up your cooking skills and conquer the kitchen. These Instagram accounts – boasting everything from delicious dishes straight out of award-winning kitchens or unbelievable vegan food – will inspire you to pick up a spatula.


Local foodie Lennard Yeong, who is now also an in-house chef at Miele Singapore, owns one of the go-to accounts for mouth-watering recipes you can recreate at home. The best part? His account is full of digestible videos, so you can be witness to his entire process. Whether it’s duck and leek soba or DIY cinnamon buns, theres bound to be some recipes you can follow.


Mama Cheung Cooks

Love your Cantonese dishes? Mama Cheung (also known as Tessa Cheung) is the Chinese aunty to have in your following. If youre missing your grandmas dishes, cook up your favourite Cantonese fare at home – from her homely fish claypot, to homemade turnip cake, steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce and Chinese yam duck soup.


Lee Mandy

Taiwan-born chef, writer and food creator first started blogging in 2012 – and has since turned all her creations and experiences into a cookbook memoir. Her cookbook The Art of Escapism Cookingis one for the times, talking about cooking during her self-imposed social isolation. Through her account, youll find elevated recipes like special char siew with fig jam glaze and kahlua buns stuffed with mascarpone cream and topped with salty, spiced pistachio sugar.


Noor Murad

Bahraini-born chef Noor Murad, the co-author of Ottolenghi Test Kitchen, is a force to be reckoned with. Her beautifully curated feed showcases culinary creations that are a blend of Middle East meets West. You’ll find dishes like 5-spice butternut squash in cheesy custard, sticky miso bananas with toasted rice and lime, and slow cooked carrots, shallots and garlic.



Chef David Changs Momofuku restaurant empire is an essential stop for foodies visiting New York City. Momofuku is renowned for their delicious authentic Korean food with a modern twist. If you cant travel yet, follow @momolongplay. The account shares everything you need to know about serving up Korean food at home – whether youre hosting a kimbap party or topping up your pork buns with an extra spicy chilli crunch. You can also recreate dishes like the signature bo ssam or spicy pork and shrimp noodles.


Vegetarian Ventures

Who says vegetarian food has to be boring? Let Shelly Westerhausen Worcel prove you wrong with her endless photos of delicious, colourful platters of plant-based goodness. Get your apron on and try out easy to follow recipes like the Butternut Squash & Leek Savoury Cheesecake, Goat Cheese Fritter and Apple Salad with Brown Sugar Pecans and Maple Vinaigrette – the perfect summer salad.


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