Goodbye, Beaten Path

This expedition curator wants to help fellow travellers go off the beaten track.

By Edmund Wee      1 November 2019

How It Is Like To Create A New Expedition Itinerary?

It’s really interesting but tedious. We have to be on the ground several times to carry out recces. Also, expeditions that require more logistical support would take a much longer time to work on before fruition. On top of that, we always try to go the extra mile when curating a new expedition. For instance, we have been told that husky sleddings in Mongolia are usually conducted for a maximum of 20km for tourists. But we wanted to go beyond that distance, hence we thought about creating a three-day husky sledding expedition during which participants can spend more time with the huskies.

This Is Our Year-End “Party” Issue. What Do You Think Are The Key Ingredients For A Good Party?

Good company, great music and lots of laughter.

Why Do You Think It’s Important To Party And Let Your Hair Down?

It’s a great way to let go of all your stress and unwind – especially for those who are building their dreams day in, day out. I think a good party can be revitalising. And I’m not just talking about clubbing.

Tell Us About One Of The Most Memorable Parties You’ve Had During An Expedition.

It was on a trip to the Gobi Desert last summer. On our first day of trekking, we experienced one of the worst floods ever in Mongolia and our vehicles were stuck for close to four hours. After giving everything we’ve got, we realised that there was nothing more we could do in that situation. In the end, our drivers decided to take out their vodka to keep warm, and we started partying in the rain, while simultaneously trying to push our vehicles out of the mud. That was definitely some memorable party.


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