Fighting Off Depression

How to identify signs and deal with “feeling low”.

By Kelvin Low      19 June 2020

Depression can cause one to develop an irrational or pessimistic attitude. You can’t break out of this mind frame by telling yourself to “cheer up”, which is the worst anti-depression advice.

Once you start to identify the destructive thoughts, you may challenge them with alternative approaches to the thoughts. For example, if you had identified a possible trigger of depression, instead of thinking of ways to combat it, think of how you would see the trigger if depression was not a factor.

Logical reasoning is widely applied and valued. This kind of reasoning sometimes is referred to as top-down thinking or moving from the general to the specifics. Through this thought process, you’ll develop a more balanced perspective and help to relieve your depression.

Never despair

Last but not least, do not ever despair if the above advice doesn’t work. Seek help from a mental health professional and be open about how you’re feeling as well as your symptoms. While depression can be a devastating disorder, even the most severe cases are treatable.

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