Dumplings Galore

Tuck into these delightful packaged seasonal treats

By Kelvin Low      23 June 2020

Dumplings, also known as “zongzi” or “bachang”, is a traditional Chinese glutinous rice dish with different fillings. It is often wrapped in a triangular pyramid with bamboo leaves.

It is traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the traditional Chinese calendar. According to folklore, these wrapped rice packets were thrown into the Miluo river to prevent the fish from eating the body of Qu Yuan, a famous and respected Chinese poet.

For the annual Dumpling Festival, Singapore’s hotels, restaurants and traditional stores create new and exotic flavours. Here are some new flavours to try this year!

Cantonese Mung Bean Dumpling


Packed with creamy mung beans and glutinous rice and a whole lot of delicious ingredients such as braised pork belly slices, chestnut, mushroom and salted egg. They are offering the Blue Pea Flower Marinated Dumplings this year as well.

Eight Treasure Quinoa Rice Dumpling

Crystal Jade

Studded with purple quinoa, this meat-free combination features sweet and savoury ingredients such as ‘chai poh’ or preserved salted radish, Japanese Nameko mushrooms, black-eyed beans, dried shiitake mushrooms, red beans and chestnut among others.

Grain Dumpling with Cordyceps Flowers

Hai Tien Lo

Thoughtfully crafted by Executive Chef Ben Zeng and Dim Sum Chef Ho Kam Fai, this vegetarian-friendly dumpling comes packed with cordyceps flowers, green beans, black sesame, barley, corn and peanuts.


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