Family Haul

Plenty of wholesome, good old fashioned fun and friendly competition at SAFRA’s Family Day Out Prawning Challenge.

By Charlene Chua      7 July 2019

Even the blazing hot sun couldn’t hold back excited families from having a blast at the SAFRA Family Day Out Prawning Challenge, held at Hai Bin Punggol on 24 Mar. Determined to secure the catch of the day, families gathered with their children in tow at the registration booth way before the event kicked off at 10am.

Each family that had signed up for the prawning challenge was presented with a goodie bag, which included the all-important rod and net for the prawning game. In line with the convivial atmosphere of the occasion, the nets were in an array of bold colours: neon pink, green and orange.

Families who turned up in full force were all psyched up for the friendly competition – reeling in the heaviest haul of prawns within a four-hour window.

The foremost challenge for most families was picking the best spots to cast the prawning rods. Felix Tan, one of the first participants to reel in a catch, clearly benefitted from his judicious choice of location – standing between two large ponds. He averred: “Prawns like to gather at corners. I’ve noticed that families who are stationed there seemed to have more luck catching prawns than those who are standing along the regular sides of the pond.”

Indeed, other prawning enthusiasts were later seen gathering around the corners of the ponds as well when they noticed Tan hauling in a big catch. Participants were further spurred on when organisers sprang a surprise announcement: A bonus prize is given for any prawns hauled in with red tags.

Some grandparents who attended the event had to fish out their portable fans for comfort in the blazing midday sun. Teo Soon Lee said she believed her fan could have been a good luck charm.

“One hour in and we were disappointed we couldn’t even bring in a single prawn. Just when I took out my fan to cool us all down, the next moment I heard my daughter and granddaughter screaming that they had caught their first prawn. I would like to think I had something to do with that,” she said with a chuckle.


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