Everyday Tee-Time Vol. 5

Wear a logo like you own it!

By Chris Ong        21 June 2021

It’s unavoidable – almost every brand in the fashion biz makes a logo tee. By that, we mean a top that features the name or logo of the brand, printed somewhere on it, usually on the front or back. It can either be bold (so every one out there knows exactly the brand of the tee you are wearing or that you are a fan of) or subtle (low-key and soft-selling). But, there’s no need to fear or dislike the logo T, not when it’s designed cleverly and differently, like the 6 here, so you can buy, own and wear them like a boss, or just someone who knows what’s up with the business of logo-centric fashion and is all cool about it.

“Everyday Tee-Time” is our regular fortnightly round-up of the best new T-shirts that fit you, well, to a tee.

JW Anderson Logo-embroidered printed cotton-jersey T-shirt
Photo: Mr Porter

Logo-embroidered printed cotton-jersey T-shirt, $179 (£95.83) JW Anderson

Trust Mr JW Anderson to either do something just a little quirky or a little more artistic than the others, as is the case with this logo tee. Instead of just putting his brand right front and centre like most brands are wont to do, the designer sites it on the left chest. No biggie, except that he makes it a tonal affair with the cream tee and the orange-yellowish printed illustration of a peach, incorporating the logo as part of the graphic design. Why a peach, you might ask? His AW21 collection is inspired by Dutch still-life paintings, which feature fruits and vegetables.

Available at Mr Porter


Selected Homme Oversized fit T-shirt with sky back print in black
Photo: ASOS

Oversized fit T-shirt with sky back print in black, $33.99, Selected Homme

Can’t bear to don on a tee that just features a logo? Here’s an organic cotton crew neck that comes with a nice enough watercolour print of a sky (looks to be one that’s in the evening) on the back to help distract. The more creative bit is that one half of the brand name, “Selected”, is found on the front and done up in the orange and blue shades of the sky, while the other half “/Homme” is embroidered on the sky print on the back.

Available at ASOS


FILA BTS unisex contrast 3D vertical FILA logo print T-shirt

BTS unisex contrast 3D vertical FILA logo print T-shirt, $108, FILA

Well, if you are a true blue BTS ARMY fan, then you would automatically buy into anything associated with them ya? And while this FILA tee isn’t exactly designed by the boy band, the stars are the brand’s endorsement celebs; with member V modelling it, doesn’t it make this your no-brainer tee to get? In any case, this black top has a subtle FILA logo on the front, but blows up with an enlarged 3D effect on the back. Wear and stan.

Available at ZALORA


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Dickies Sunburg tie-dye T-shirt
Photo: ASOS

Sunburg tie-dye T-shirt, $64.99, Dickies

Sometimes, it is not necessary for the logo to be printed extra large, situated dead centre and on the front, or changed up in any extreme way to catch one’s attention. The Dickies logo here is of a minuscule design, but is placed within in a black box that contrasts against this Purple Gumdrop (the tee’s colour description) crew neck, making for a less in-your-face but no less effective “brand presence” on an eye-catching tie-dye top.

Available at ASOS


Nike Men’s sportswear T-shirt
Photo: Nike

Men’s sportswear T-shirt, $45, Nike

Nike’s one of those sporting giants you recognise just by its Swoosh alone – no brand titling or tagline needed. This one’s (seen here in red and white) a simple yet creative take on the Swoosh. All it features is the logo magnified and split in two, with both halves adorning the front of the tee, complete with an enlarged “TM”. You can also choose a grey and white Swoosh tee, or a black and white Swoosh one, if this colour scheme’s not up your alley.

Available at Nike stores and brand stockists, multiple locations, nike.com/sg

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ADLV Rainbow tee
Photo: Well Bred Store

Rainbow tee, $85.90, ADLV

Acmé De La Vie’s (ADLV) oversized tees are so hot in the SG streetstyle scene that you must have been really, really staying at home not to have seen them on the backs of teens and young adults everywhere. While the ones with the cute children’s graphic tees are the ones to get, we rather this other one, just because it is a little less popular (so you won’t be seen wearing the same top as everyone else) but no less cutesy. On the front, a face emoji vomiting the Korean brand’s name in rainbow colours; on the back, the same emoji along with an unmissable multicoloured ADLV name spelt out in full.

Available at Well Bred Store, multiple locations, wellbredstore.com


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