Everyday Tee-Time Vol. 7 – The Sale Edition

Make more time for more discounted tees for more money saved.

By Chris Ong        19 July 2021

The show, we mean, the sale must go on! Here, for the 7th installment of our fortnightly focus on all things T-shirty, we spread our net wide to pull up the catches of the day, with no discrimination on colour, material or design, just eagle-eyed discernment about the price for the best stylish buys. We’ve done our part, so time to do yours; cast your eyes on this selection and fish out your new fave to wear out proud like the true “bargain-ista” that you are.

“Everyday Tee-Time” is our regular fortnightly round-up of the best new T-shirts that fit you, well, to a tee.

Zara Steven Rhodes graphic T-shirt
Photo: Zara

Steven Rhodes graphic T-shirt, $29.90 (U.P. $49.90), Zara

Why we heart this: It’s in a vibrant limey-minty apple green and features a quirky illustration from Australian graphic artist and illustrator Steven Rhodes, who’s known for his offbeat twists on 70s and 80s children’s activity books. His work here is all about growing up, or as the text on the back of the tee states, “Can you help Billy find his way to become a functioning adult?”. We encourage you to try your hand at navigating the twisty orange maze drawing as well as your own never-ending adulting journey; we’re sure you will do just fine.

 Available at Zara boutiques, multiple locations, www.zara.com/sg/


Bershka High-neck printed T-shirt
Photo: Bershka

High-neck printed T-shirt, $19.90 (U.P. $29.90), Bershka

Want to look a little minimal, a little smart and a little luxe, but without actually spending too much? This high-fashion looking, fast fashion piece will meet all of your sartorial requirements. Made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, with a slightly thicker neckline (it’s described as high-neck, but don’t worry, it’s not really that high) and large black and white image placements on the left of its front and high on its back, this is an elevated tee for you to dress up nice in without the elevated price.

Available at Bershka, multiple locations, www.bershka.com/sg


Springfield Star Wars T-shirt
Photo: Zalora

Star Wars T-shirt, $16.90 (U.P. $39.90), Springfield

Star Wars fans, fall in! This here tee’s one to add your serious collection of toys, posters and other merch, but one that’s designed with a meme-ish pop-cultural slant. Starring Luke Skywalker and his big, bad Daddy-O, Darth Vader, the still printed on this regular-fit, cotton blend tee captures the duo in a moment of not-so-family-loving cringe. Funny, but also, familiar.

Available at Zalora; www.facebook.com/ZaloraSingapore; www.instagram.com/zalora


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Zara Snoopy Peanuts print T-shirt
Photo: Zara

Snoopy Peanuts print T-shirt, $29.90 (U.P. $49.90), Zara

We’re a sucker for anything Snoopy, so makes sense why this is on the list. But, for pure objectivity and editorial integrity’s sake, we shall plead its case for you. It’s a loose-fitting tee with a round neck and short sleeves, so it’s perfect for hot and humid SG, and is a white cotton tee that’s on sale so you’ve got value (it goes with any casual outfit) and money saved. And, did we mention it’s got Snoopy surfing (or rather paddling on a surfboard) and Woodstock flitting about on its front? Yeah, guess we should – it’s only professional to point out its USP (unique selling point) for you to buy this.

Available at Zara boutiques, multiple locations, www.zara.com/sg/


Nike ‘Just Do It.’ basketball T-shirt
Photo: Nike

‘Just Do It.’ basketball T-shirt, $29.90 (U.P. $39), Nike

Anime and basketball fans (being not mutually exclusive here), here’s your top tee to wear while playing B-ball, or re-watching Kuroko No Basket and the GOAT Slam Dunk, or playing B-ball while watching these anime series (’cos you might just be that good). There’s really only one prime reason why: It features Nike’s iconic slogan and Japanese manga-inspired artwork of B-ball action, front and centre.

Available at Nike stores and brand stockists, multiple locations, www.nike.com/sg 


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Bershka Short-sleeve palm tree print T-shirt
Photo: Bershka

Short-sleeve palm tree print T-shirt, $19.90 (U.P. $29.90), Bershka

Wear this and trick your unsuspecting friends that you DIY-ed this yourself. Even if you don’t, they will still be impressed by the watercolour painting of an idyllic scene, of a palm tree and a blue van on seaside cliff. Or, just wear this (till you get to travel again) for the nostalgic, wanderlust feels.

Available at Bershka, multiple locations, www.bershka.com/sg


Converse X Joe Freshgoods tee
Photo: END.

Converse X Joe Freshgoods tee, $39 (U.P. $65), Converse

Last but not least, a T-shirt that epitomises what our regular tee feature’s all about: “Tees”, “Love” and “Happiness”, as so loudly printed on this collab between West Chicago’s designer, artist and creative director Joe Freshgoods and sports brand Converse. Inspired by Chicago’s days of soul and disco culture in the 1970s and based off Freshgoods’ own bootleg design work, this funky tee’s all about them positive vibes and retro tie dye aesthetics. Your Dad and Mum might just dig this, too, as your new-old dressing style.

Available at END.


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