How Gaming Can Be For Good

Strap in for some intense gaming while answering the call of duty!

By Tieffany Freya        2 September 2022

Whether you’re a youth, NSman, or in the working world, gaming definitely provides for good entertainment, but you might not have thought that it could help someone too!

This E-sports tournament for Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) brought gamers and fans together in the name of charity at Kallang Wave Mall.

SAFRA Esports Fiesta With A Heart, which hosted the CODM Tournament, is part of a charity initiative by SAFRA in its 50th anniversary year that aims to funds for low income and needy families, youth and children, as well as servicemen disabled due to service.

So in the spirit of bringing people closer through games, come join this mission to bring practical help and give hope again to those who need it.

Pop on by to SAFRA Cares or stay tuned to our SAFRA Youth Network Facebook and Instagram so you won’t miss events like this.

Now, onto the fun and games of the Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) competition, held in conjunction with the Asia Esports Festival organised by SAFRA’s Esports partner, Esports Entertainment Asia.

How well do you know…

Rapid-fire trivia games with the crowd

Kicking off with a bang, the day opened with a rapid-fire trivia game for members of the audience to get their minds going and of course, win some awesome prizes!

A member of the audience answering a trivia question.

With 50 prizes from SAFRA Youth Network up for grabs, the crowd was quick to give it a go, though it definitely wasn’t easy.

Gamer or not, it was a race against time and everybody else to get to the answers first.

Let the games begin

TOAST and ABSTRACT commentating the games live.

As 17 teams of 5 like CKG Legacy and PrimeX Ultimate took the stage and prepared to flex their skills in front of 7,600 people, palpable excitement could be felt in the air as everyone gathered for the action.

View of the audience members as the games progressed.

The games were hosted by streamers TOAST and ABSTRACT from Singapore’s gaming scene, who were experts at hyping up the crowd with their energy while keeping everyone abreast of what was going on in-game.

The cheers and claps came with each win and the crowd buzzed in anticipation as the games progressed to the finale.

An intense match between teams.

As the tournament progressed, the fights got closer, and everyone waited with bated breath to see which team would get to walk away with the $1,500 cash prize and the SAFRA Youth Network e-sports goodie bags worth $50 each! The runner up teams won $1,000 and $500 respectively.

Prize pool for the top 3 winning teams.

Stay tuned to SAFRA Youth Network Facebook and Instagram or SAFRA Yishun Facebook for the next SAFRA Esports Fiesta With A Heart in November at SAFRA Yishun.

Gaming for a cause

Donation cheque of $40,000 from SAFRA Cares

In the age of the internet, gaming has become an accessible and fun way to stimulate the brain, de-stress, and even forge new friendships. It brings people from all walks of life together.

In this case, gaming can even help someone in need. Thanks to generous corporate sponsors such as A.MGR Co. Pte Ltd and Evorich Flooring Group, as well as participants, Esports Fiesta With A Heart, a joint effort by SAFRA Youth Network and SAFRA Yishun’s Tech Club, raised over $50,000 in donations and counting.

Donation cheque of $10,000 from SAFRA Cares

Now, you may be asking: how can you help out by joining the tournament? Well it’s simple!

Join the next e-sports event, where you can play top of the line gaming consoles for a small registration fee that will go to charity. What’s not to love about having fun while doing it for a worthy cause and helping someone in need?

You don’t have to wait till then, you can also donate through giving.sg or through the QR codes below.

Simply scan or save the QR code & give via PayNow
on your LifeSG (for NS55 credits) or bank app.


To donate your NS55 credits:

  1. Launch your LifeSG app
  2. Go to Benefits and Support –> NS55 credits –> View details
  3. Tap on the blue “Scan QR code to pay” button and scan the QR Code below.
  4. Key in your desired amount, and you’re all set to proceed and donate!