NSmen Share: Their Most Jubilant Moments At SAFRA That Will Give You FOMO

NSmen share their fondest memories of time spent at SAFRA clubhouses.

By Sean Yee        3 September 2022

SAFRA commemorates its 50th anniversary in 2022. To celebrate its contribution to community building for NSmen, we asked some of them to reflect on and share some of their most beloved memories of this one-of-a-kind communal pillar. 


“Happy 50th Birthday SAFRA! You may be ripe in age but remember to stay young at heart!

It’s hard to believe how much SAFRA has grown since I was a young boy. I remember it being super popular for its swimming pool, where a whole crowd of people would gather to escape the glaring heat (air-conditioning was a luxury back then, so our choices were limited). Now, SAFRA has restaurants, professional gyms and even a water playground (the more the merrier)! 

I’m not as young as I was during SAFRA’s earlier days – I was a mere boy when its first location was announced. Now with my kids all grown up, it’s refreshing to see SAFRA continuously find ways to stay relevant, especially with technology being as prevalent as it is right now. Funnily enough, it gives me hope that I too can remain relevant despite my age.” – LT Yee Chong Wah, 68th Guards

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“For 50 years, SAFRA has created memories for multitudes of families, including mine. While SAFRA may have changed since its inception, these multi-generational memories stay forever. 

I fondly remember afternoons by the pool with my wife and my children, gliding around relaxed and unburdened. I remember having meals with both family and friends talking about anything under the sun. Like many, I have grown to appreciate SAFRA’s welcoming and family-oriented ambience, and I hope our future generations will come to appreciate them too.” – CPL Chong Teng Yeu, 6th Division Commando

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“Stay awesome SAFRA, and cheers to another 50 more years!

I remember the times my family and I would passionately belt (some might say scream) out our most favourite songs at SAFRA’s karaoke rooms. We were uninhibited during our time here, living fully in the moment for those undisturbed few hours. I also recall erupting in exuberant roars when scoring a strike at its bowling rink. Some of my best memories with my family and friends lie in the heart of SAFRA, and I’m incredibly happy to be part of its flourishing journey.”  – 2LT Teo Ting Hao, MSTF Hub

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“Happy Birthday SAFRA – the recreational hub of possibilities! 

My first time at SAFRA began at its bowling rink. Back then, SAFRA felt like an unpretentious community club embellished with facilities. It was also at SAFRA that I had my first part-time job at a now defunct food establishment. And now, I visit its e-mart store for my military provisions. In retrospect, there is so much more to SAFRA than its exterior simplicity, for it has provided me fond memories, meaningful experiences, and practical convenience. I’m incredibly excited to see what else SAFRA has to offer in time to come!”  – SCT Owen Toh, SCS


“You may be 50 years of age, but to me and many others, you’ll always remain timeless. 

SAFRA has always been like a 2nd home to me, especially during my adolescent years. I remember spending hours with my friends at SAFRA’s LAN shops, engaging in friendly rivalries as we fought it out in virtual arenas and the occasional game of pool! It is also hard to forget the times we spent fooling around in karaoke rooms, singing our favourite choruses together without a sense of tonality.

I still relish in these simple guiltless moments, especially when things get tough.” –CPL Melvin Chin, 3DA

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There are only two types of people in Singapore: Those who enjoyed National Service (NS), and those who didn’t – but all will agree it was a memorable time. In this series, we speak with NSmen who share their most memorable experiences during National Service.

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Main photo: SPH Media Trust