Dumplings Galore

Tuck into these delightful packaged seasonal treats

By Kelvin Low      23 June 2020

Black Glutinous Rice Dumpling & Pork Belly Rice Dumpling

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

New this year is the black glutinous rice version of their HK Glutinous Rice Dumpling. It is packed with generous fillings of succulent handmade roast pork belly, green bean, lotus seeds, and chestnuts. They are also bringing back the 2019 Premium Ham & Scallop Rice Dumpling as a seasonal special this year.

Preserved Vegetables with Heura Chicken Rice Dumpling

Yan Cantonese Cuisine

This is a vegan-friendly option which claims to be similar to those made with real meat. Strips of plant-based Heura chicken are seasoned and stir-fried, then folded into preserved mustard greens (mei cai) that is specially imported from Hong Kong and simmered for hours.

Pork Ba Zhang Burger Set

Route 65

While it may not look the part, this unique spin on the traditional dumpling is made with five spices, thinly-sliced pork belly, onions, red chilli, shimeji mushrooms and tomatoes. With rice burger buns, it’s a very clever creation. The set includes a Black Lemon Tea with Lychee Boba drink.

Roast Chicken/Duck Rice Dumpling

Carlton Hotel Singapore

This year, Carlton Hotel Singapore’s Dim Sum Chef Yiu Cheuk Yin puts a new spin on the rice dumpling by infusing local flavours into the savoury treat. The Roast Chicken or Duck Rice Dumplings come topped with slices of roast chicken or slices of roast duck and are filled with pork, dried scallops, salted duck egg, dried shrimp, chestnuts, mushrooms and green beans.

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