Cakes That Make Your Day (Part 1)

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t wolf down a slice (or even a whole round) from these cake and pastry specialists.

By Chris Ong      7 June 2021

Haven’t you heard? A cake a day keeps the blues away. Fine, that’s neither a common saying nor is it scientifically proven, but it does sound like a mighty possible and delectable idea, ya? Well, true or not, WFH or dining at home can be made that much “full-filling” with an after-meal dessert. Whether it’s a slice for one, a box of sweet treats for your sweetheart, or a large family-sized creation to celebrate an occasion (or just because), choose from these tried, tasted and approved cake-makers to make yours and your loved ones’ day. (Look out for Part 2, where we feature confectionery experts who do other delish desserts aside from cake.)

Pâtisserie Glacé
Photo: Pâtisserie Glacé Facebook

Pâtisserie Glacé

Those who love Japanese desserts and baked goods, would know of Pâtisserie Glacé. After all, it has been around since 2008, when Chef Tomoko founded her baking business in SG with the aim of making cakes, pies, cookies and tarts sold locally, to taste like the ones found in Japan (meaning super tasty and high-quality without burning a hole in your pocket). And, with company mission statements and credos such as “creations that a mother will serve her child” and “Great cakes make great memories”, we trust Chef Tomoko and her staff at their word at creating confections that are worth eating and remembering.

Have your cake and eat these:
Right off the bat, we are going straight for the pâtisserie’s awe-inspiring whole-cake creations. Cheers! ($28.80) is its 10-cm novelty cake that looks like a beer mug but is made with vanilla sponge, strawberry cream and buttercream (a choco-flavoured one’s also available) – it’s the one to buy for when you get to celebrate meeting up with your much-missed bar mates. Or, one of the OGs in SG scene’s finely-piped cakes, the Twirly Rose ($62.10), that shows off its chef’s superb piping skills; choose your buttercream colour when ordering and impress your GF or wifey. For slices and smaller-sized nom-noms, there’s so many to choose from that we don’t wanna play favourites, but, for you readers’ sake, we shall. Of the sliced goods: the fresh Strawberry Shortcake ($5.80) and Ice Cake-Wakakusa ($6) that’s made of green tea and chocolate mousse resting on a bed of chocolate sponge and praline choco-crunch, are its signature delights. Of its other best-sellers: the Ice Cheese Tarts ($3.80) come in variety of flavours such as Earl Grey, Yuzu, and Lemon and Honey; Tofu Chiffon (from $13.90) cakes that are made with silken tofu; and oh-so-pretty milk and gelatine Flower Jellies ($3.50) are worth gaining inches for.

Pâtisserie Glacé, multiple locations, cakeglace.com; www.facebook.com/cakeglace

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The Cake Shop
Photo: The Cake Shop

The Cake Shop

Here’s a cheap thrill: Telling your friends you ordered a cake from the cake shop – yes, The Cake Shop. Okay, lame fun aside, this confectionery biz has made a, well, name for itself despite its generic name. Founded by a team of dedicated and passionate folk committed to baking the most delish pastries and cakes around on the isle, it has levelled up to become a premium wholesaler and distributor – it even provides its goods to some of SG’s well-known cafes, supermarkets, hotels, bakeries and restaurants. (Ooo, one wonders which ones?) Anyhoo, it’s also a fab online cake shop to turn to for when you need cakes or any such desserts, and even flowers or other gifts delivered.

Have your cake and eat these:
Imagine your trusty neighbourhood cake store, but majorly elevated. It has everything you and your fam needs for a celebratory gathering at home with its party-worthy creations. The ones that take the, erm, cake, are its Piñata Cakes (from $138) – you know, the ones where you take a small wooden gavel or hammer to it and break it open to reveal all kinds of other goodies inside. What we spot among these definite-hits with the kids – a Poke Ball Surprise, a Sharky Party and a Basketball Birthday piñata cakes. For the upcoming Father’s Day, choose from its chocolate-flavoured Father’s Day-themed 5-inch cakes ($27.90), or its different-flavoured, larger-sized ones (from $68.90), or an assortment of smaller-sized cupcakes (from $38.90). For every other celebration or event in your life, there are also drip cakes, durian pastries, eggless cakes, 3D fondant and fresh cream creations, and dozens upon dozens of all kinds of confections to make your head spin and your mouth drool.

The Cake Shop, multiple locations, www.thecakeshop.com.sg

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Cat & The Fiddle
Photo: Cat & The Fiddle Facebook

Cat & The Fiddle

Can’t get your fill of cheesecake? Well, at Cat & The Fiddle, you just might. At last count, there were some 21 flavours available. Probably Singapore’s best cheesecake specialist, it’s founded by luxury dessert expert, Chef Daniel Tay, who’s trained in the art of classical French pastry- and dessert-making (he’s got chops, having worked at Fauchon of Paris and Les Amis in Singapore). What’s more, so dedicated is the biz at its craft and spreading the word about its cakes, Cat & The Fiddle pursued and finally got its halal certification by MUIS in 2019 so that it could cater to everyone with a craving for cheesecakes. Nice.

Have your cake and eat these:
Cheesecake isn’t just cheese-flavoured, and there are enough varieties here to suit all taste buds (as long as you like cheesecakes, of course). Must-buys from its Classic Cheesecake range: the Naughty and Nice Devil Chocolate Cheesecake ($45.90) is a decadent delight, what with its rich premium couverture chocolate mousse and mounds of fluffy sponge; and its rendition of the once-trendy, now-classic burnt cheesecake, the Charred Eclipse Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($52.90), made with Martabak cheese and cream cheese, and “toasted” to perfection. Must-tries from its Local Delights range: Milo Dinosaur ($45.90) that comes flavoured with Milo, topped with more Milo, and comes with an extra sachet of Milo if you want to OTT on the chocolatey powder (just don’t breathe heavy or sneeze while eating this unless you want it all over you, and everyone and everything else around). Durian lovers, you get all the love with two Mao Shan Wang Durian-flavoured ones, King Cat of the Mountain ($55.90) that comes loaded with the fleshy cream of the pungent fruit and Musang Fury ($68.90) that’s a basque burnt cheesecake version.

Cat & The Fiddle, multiple locations, www.catandthefiddle.com; www.facebook.com/catthefiddle

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