8 Tips To Keep Cool And Look Stylish

How to look good and stay cool even as the mercury soars.

By Steve Thio        23 June 2021

There are many ways to dress and keep cool during the hot weather – and weve all learnt many fashion tricks living in Singapore! So here are some tips and reminders that will help you look stylish during our hottest days.

Keep It Natural

Clothing made of natural fabrics like linen (above), hemp and lightweight cotton are hot weather staples, but not every material is ideal for our local weather. Some fabrics are thicker and denser while others are more open-weave and lighter weight, so always pick the latter options.

The denser materials have a tight and close weave that prevents the fabric from breathing. Fabrics like cotton twill or broadcloth and heavier linens also tend to cling to the skin, trapping heat and sweat. Lighter linens and cottons (think seersucker, madras cotton) may look more delicate but the more open weave allows air to flow through the material for a cooler effect.

Cool Fabrics

Lightweight flowy fabrics like viscose, tencel (above) and Uniqlo’s ‘Airismmaterial are ideal to beat the heat. These fabrics absorb moisture – like sweat – easily and release it on the outside so you feel cool constantly and for longer. Fabrics like tencel are also more absorbent than linens or cotton so garments made of these materials are great for outdoor activities under the hot sun.

Loosen Up

Choose looser styles of clothing that let air flow around the body, which allows for easier movement as well. The loose garments will encourage air flow and keep you cool. Think boxy shirts, deeper necklines, loose sleeves and wider-cut pants and shorts. And keep your tees and shirts tucked out for better air flow!

Cropped Is Best

We dont mean midriff baring styles! Shorter lengths like a pair of cropped wide pants or boxy, camp shirts and shorter tees will allow your body to breathe. Cropped designs also mean less fabrics which means lighter weight clothing! Along the same principle, consider sleeveless or short sleeve options instead of long sleeve designs.

Take Cover

If you don’t want to be exposed to harmful UV rays or want to avoid direct sunlight on your skin, long sleeved styles and more covered up clothing offer good protection. If youre spending a long time outdoors, more covered up clothing in lightweight fabrics may be a good and cool option to prevent sunburn as well.

Layering Works

If you prefer a more dressy style, why not layer your outfits? Dress up a plain tee with a colourful print loose shirt or replace your formal jacket with a smartly tailored linen/cotton vest. Keep the materials lightweight.

Go For Light Colours

Dark colours like navy, black and dark grey tend to absorb light – and heat. Light coloured clothing – white, pastels, and brighter blues and yellows – help reflect the sun’s rays and heat, keeping you comfortably cool.

Ditch The Lining

If youre dressing for work or more formal occasions that require a jacket, consider lightweight versions without linings. Jacket linings made of cotton, silk or polyester add another layer of fabric, making it hard for the garment to breathe. Brands like Uniqlo and Muji have great cotton and linen half-lined and unlined jackets that are  perfect for the hot weather without compromising on style.

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