Beat The Heat! 7 Ways To Keep Cool Without The Air-Con 

Try these cool tips to keep the temperature down.

By Steve Thio        17 June 2021

The heat is on – and not in the best way! With local temperatures soaring to record heights the past few weeks, we can only expect more sizzling days in the weeks ahead. And with WFH still ongoing, heres a few hacks to keep cool at home without switching on the air-conditioner.

Keep It Dark

As much as we love bright sunlit homes, its best to keep your home cool and dark during the hottest time of the day – noon to 4pm. Its been said that up to 25% of the heat indoors comes from open windows, so keep the curtains closed or use dark blinds to keep temperatures lower. You can leave a sliver of opening for some light when youre working from home. Dont forget to switch on the fans to circulate the air!

Shady Plants

Having indoor plants placed strategically in front of bright openings and windows will help cut the heat and provide cooling shade as well. Leafy plants with bigger, lush leaves are best – whether in pots or as crawlers along your balcony.

Damp Sheets

Instead of closing your curtains and blinds, you can consider hanging a damp sheet in front of open windows. This will help shield some of the bright, hot light and also help cool the air and breezes that flow into your home. Remember to check the sheets occasionally to make sure theyre still damp.

Icy Breeze

Heres a simple and easy trick to have cooler air in your home. Place a large bowl of ice in front of the fan blowing in your direction and voila! A cool breeze to keep you comfortable during your Zoom session.

Wind Tunnels

When doors and windows on opposite sides of the room or house are opened, you can create a wind tunnel with a stronger breeze flowing into your room or home. And with two fans placed at strategic points, you can encourage a stronger air flow!

Place one fan (blowing inwards) in front of an open window or door where the wind is blowing into your space. Position another fan facing the opposite open window or door where the breeze is flowing out. What you have created is a wind tunnel which will encourage a stronger flow of air into your space.

Cool Your Pulse Points

It is said that cooling the parts of your body where you can feel the pulse can help to lower your body temperature. Cooling the areas where the veins are closer to your skin – for example, the wrist – may also lower your body temperature. Try soaking your wrist under running water for a while, or use an ice pack against these pulse points to feel cooler.

Cool Dreams

If the heat at night makes you hot and bothered and unable to have a good nights rest, you may want to consider putting your bedsheets and pillow cases in the freezer. Use them just before you tuck in for the night and you will be slipping into dreamland in cool comfort – at least for an hour or two!

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