7 Reasons You Need MINDEF & MHA Group Term Life Insurance In Your Protection Plans

If you’re an active NSman or married to one and looking to shore up your financial defences, this plan is a no-brainer solution.

By Olivia Lim      17 September 2021

One of the most basic things you can do to safeguard your loved ones’ future is to get life insurance so should the unthinkable happen, your loved ones will have financial support to carry on.

What is MINDEF & MHA Group Term Life Insurance?

If you or your spouse/father/brother has done National Service, you may find MINDEF & MHA Group Term Life Insurance familiar. It’s a 24/7, worldwide coverage plan that gives a lump-sum payout upon death and total and permanent disability.

This article focuses on the MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Voluntary Scheme, but first, here’s a snapshot of key differences between the Core Scheme and Voluntary Scheme.

MINDEF & MHA Group Term Life Insurance

Core Scheme
• Automatic coverage for every NSman
• Pays out S$150,000 in the event of death and total and permanent disability
• Premiums paid by government
Voluntary Scheme
• Optional coverage for eligible MINDEF & MHA personnel, and their spouse and kids
• Pays out the chosen sum assured upon death and total and permanent disability
• Premiums paid by individuals

To find out if you’re eligible for the scheme, click here.

Aviva is currently offering free 6-month Dengue coverage^ to all eligible MINDEF & MHA personnel as recognition for keeping Singapore safe.  Sign up here now. Valid until 30 September 2021 only.

Why include MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Voluntary Scheme in your protection plans?

Here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t ignore this plan:

It’s affordable. The plan was created specially to provide protection for NSFs and NSmen, as well as their family members. Its affordability means that insured members can enjoy coverage at low rates. For just S$1.37 a day, you can get covered for S$1 million. Premiums are also fixed, so you pay the same amount upon renewal every year until you’re 65.

Here’s an example of how affordable it is to insure a family of three:

Sum Assured: S$100,000

Family member

Cost per month

Main insured








*The coverage for child(ren) will cease at age 25 (ANB) or when he/she gets married, whichever is earlier

Guaranteed issuance for the 1st S$250,000 sum assured. This means there is no underwriting and medical checkups needed to get coverage for you or your family members. 

The plan is eligible for Home Protection Scheme (HPS). HPS is a mortgage-reducing insurance by Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) that protects members and their families against losing their HDB flat in the event of death, terminal illness or total permanent disability of home owners. Since mid-2020, you’ll be able to apply for HPS exemption if you have a MINDEF & MHA Group Term Life Insurance. It’s a convenient way to ensure you and your family have a safety net should you ever be unable to finance your mortgage loan – without having an additional policy to manage.

Assurance of coverage. The plan covers you up to age 70 next birthday and will stay in force even if you retire, are released from NS duties or complete your Operationally Ready National Service training cycle.

What happens to insured family members if you pass on? Rest assured that they can continue to be covered under the plan until the plan expires.

Flexibility to add on riders. For more holistic financial protection, you can add riders to your main plan. These riders can cover you for critical illnesses, disability income and even outpatient treatment expenses, and they cannot be purchased on their own.

Get a daily cash benefit if hospitalised. If you’re hospitalised due to an illness or accident, you’ll receive S$30 daily from the 11th day of your stay, for up to 30 continuous days. It could help cover the cost of buying necessities during your hospital stay or transportation home when you’re discharged. This benefit isn’t found in most life insurance plans, making it a valuable extra.

There are attractive perks. As an insured member of MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Voluntary Scheme, you can enjoy discounts on Aviva’s general insurance plans like car insurance and home insurance. Discounts can go up to 56% off, meaning even more savings for your peace of mind. Insured members’ immediate family members – spouse, children, parents and siblings – can enjoy the same privileges too.

MINDEF & MHA Group Term Life Insurance is an attractive option when you want to have a solid base plan in your financial protection portfolio that you can build on at certain life stages – like when you start a family.

To find out if you’re eligible for MINDEF & MHA Group Term Life Insurance, click here and apply online. Simply select your coverage options, answer a few questions and within minutes, it’s done.

Don’t have a MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance yet? Sign up for free Dengue coverage now. You can receive up to S$100 in e-vouchers of your choice when you jio your friends to sign up for this free cover too!

^Click here for promotion terms and conditions.


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