6 Tips To Deal With Stress

Don’t let it take over your life.

By Sasha Gonzales      10 February 2021

5. Know Your Limits

Feeling overwhelmed is a common stress trigger so avoid taking on more than you can handle. No matter how capable you think you are, you can only push yourself so far before you start to feel like you can no longer cope. If possible, delegate some tasks at work, learn to say “no” to people who constantly make demands of you, and ask for help with household chores and family responsibilities.   

6. Check Your Thoughts

Be mindful of negative thoughts – try not to catastrophize or think the worst of a bad situation, as this can trigger anxiety. Moderating your expectations will also help.

How do you deal with stress? Share your tips with us at magnsman@sph.com.sg

Total Defence Day falls on 15 February. Psychological Defence – one of the 6 pillars of Total Defence – is ensuring we have the fighting spirit to overcome challenges together as a people, by developing resilience and the strength to return to our normal activities as soon as possible after a crisis hits.


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