Light Up Your Room & Your Olfactory Senses With Scented Candles

Set the mood with just a lil’ flame.

By Chris Ong        10 February 2021

Candles are no longer just for blackouts, and special occasions such as birthday parties and romantic dinners; scented ones are now considered home décor items, mood setters and home fragrances all rolled into one. Since you might be spending more time at home, why not change up the ambience every now and then with some “wick(ed) lighting”? A scented candle can help let you settle into whatever mood you desire, rid your room of nasty smells, and make your living space feel more cosy and inviting, not only through how it looks and its warm flames, but also through the scent you want to envelop your living space in. Here, we wax lyrical about 8 such home fragrances.


Bibliothèque Candle, from $77, Byredo

ICYDK, the affordable limited edition OSYNLIG collaboration collection between Byredo and IKEA was sold out within a mere couple of weeks. What to do? Settle for the original, we say. And if you aren’t sure what to pick from this renowned Swedish scent specialist’s library of home fragrances, then choose its bestseller, that well, recalls the atmosphere of a book-filled library. One that has peach, plum, vanilla, patchouli, violet and leather notes, that is.

Available from Byredo, 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #B1-34, 238872,

Dawn Terrazzo Gemstone Tealight

Dawn Terrazzo Gemstone Tealight, $28.90, Candles of Light

This looks so gorge so who cares about what it smells like? This local outfit’s limited edition tealights are handmade in small batches by regional artisans, with gemstones such as rose quartz, amethyst and aventurine added as complementary accents to the terrazo vessels. And if you must know, the tealight’s made with one of the brand’s signature botanical scent blends that feature essential oils of mint, citrus and lavender.

Available from

A Gentleman’s Hug Cocosoy Scented Candle

A Gentleman’s Hug Cocosoy Scented Candle, From $49, Breathe Essentials Co.

This one’s for a true gentleman (or those who wish to become one). Inspired by a man’s cologne, this woody, spicy and aromatic scented candle is made from 100% cocosoy wax, is vegan and comes with an eco-friendly wood wick. Ah so – your pad will not only smell like that of a gentleman’s but you would also appear like a social- and environmentally-conscious one to guests when they visit.

Available at

Diptyque Roses Scented Candle
Roses Scented Candle, From $55, Diptyque

Instead of gifting a bunch of roses, why not present her (or him) a rose-scented candle for Valentine’s Day instead? It may look less beautiful, but the scent is equal to that of freshly picked ones and lasts longer (the burn time is about 30 hours for a small 70g version) so the smell of romance stays longer in the air.

Available at Diptyque, 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #B1-33A, 238872,;


Bergamot Clary Sage Essential Oil Candle, From $18, Hush

Be one with Mother Nature by burning this hand-poured soy candle from this women-ed SG-based boutique home fragrance studio. Earthy and herbaceous smelling, it should calm and comfort you, helping you think of spending carefree days lying on an open field even as you relax in your urban space.

Available at

Le Labo

Santal 26 Concrete Candle, $680, Le Labo

This handcrafted-in-USA statement piece weighs a hefty 1.2kg and should last you, like, forever (okay, it’s more like 150+ hours). And if you dig the NY-based brand’s signature warm Santal 33 scent, then might as well have this similar smelling Santal 26 smoke up your personal digs.

Available at Le Labo, 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #B1-31, 238872,

Artisan of Sense
Winter Wonderland Glass Dome Candle, $75, Artisan of Sense

Yes, X’mas is over and yes, we do not experience winters, but no, it doesn’t mean we can’t make our tropical homes smell like a snowy forest of pine, spruce and fir trees. So, it’s a definite yes to this golden decorative piece (part of the SG brand’s luxe Glass Dome Collection) that’s housed in a glass cloche to help to intensify the fragrance.

Available at

Made by Aliens XYZ

“Spartan” Coconut Wax Candle With Tiger Eye, $20 (Travel size), Made by Aliens XYZ

Pack this made-in-SG candle for good scents and good luck on your next staycay. It’s made with coconut wax (said to carry scents better than soy ones); contains majoram and ylangylang essential oils so it should be heady enough to dispel any bad smells in the hotel room; and comes embedded with Tiger’s Eye gemstones that are said to bring luck, courage and mental clarity.

Available from

Featured image: Shutterstock