6 Masks You Need For Everyday Living

Basic but essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep COVID-19 at bay.

By Chris Ong      28 October 2021

Let’s face it – face masks are here to stay, at least for quite a while yet. They are one of our most rudimentary yet much-needed defences against COVID-19 as well as other afflictions such as influenza and coughs.

Yes, there are many masks crafted out of all sorts of materials, of different, interesting makes and printed with all kinds of fanciful and colourful designs out there (see here for some of our fashionable recommendations), to help you stand out amongst a sea of light blue-masked people.

But, on some days, we might just want to appear laid-back and blend in just a little with the crowd. This is where the all-dependable, frills-free face mask comes in for your daily use. Six of these trusty and comfy masks (including a couple with a little more colour, just as options) are presented here for your consideration.

And, if you need more help in the info department about all things mask-related, read to the end of this article to find yourself some helpful resources (you’re welcome).


1. Adult Earloop Surgical Mask (ASTM Level 3), 30 individually wrapped pieces in a box, $25

Photo: The Mask Fellows

Let’s start with these simple but highly effective ones. How effective? They are rated ASTM Level 3 – the American Society of Testing and Materials’ highest rating for maximum barrier protection, with a Bacterial Efficiency Filtration (BFE) and Particle Efficiency Filtration (PFE) of ≥99%.

What else makes these single-use babies your daily heroes? They are individually wrapped and come in 3 colour options – white, blue and purple – so you can switch up your look with peace of mind.



2. Green Forces Special Edition Adult Earloop Surgical Mask (EN14683 Type IIR), 50 pieces, $25

Photo: The Mask Fellows

We’re not being biased here, but hey, how can we not recommend these? They are a special edition after all, that are produced with a green digital camouflage pattern. Buy these ISO 134085-certified 3-ply masks for your mates who like camo prints.

Or, get the corresponding ones for kids (sized at 14.4cm by 9.5cm; the adult ones measure 17.5cm by 9.5cm) so you and your little soldier can go twinning on your day out.



3. Limited Edition Adult Earloop Chinese New Year Fortune Mask, 50 pieces, $18.88

Photo: The Mask Fellows

There is no better time to be both kiasi and kiasu, especially since the Lunar New Year will be here before you know it (on 1st February in 2022). So, prep fast, early and safely by stocking up on these red-hot single-use lookers that come printed with Chinese characters for “fortune” in various font designs and are packaged in 5 packs of 10 in a box.

The best bit? The packs are made to look like red packets, so you can give them away along with your actual ang baos to bless your loved ones with luck, prosperity and good health!


The three abovementioned face masks are available at The Mask Fellows, www.themaskfellows.com; www.facebook.com/The-Mask-Fellows-103317218020872; www.instagram.com/themaskfellows

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4. Livinguard Fitness Mask, $30 (U.P. $40)

Photo: Livinguard

This is for you sporty peeps. Why this is your top-performing go-to mask: it’s made with Advanced Lyocell Microfiber so it’s 5 times more breathable than regular standard cotton masks, and is applied with the patented, eponymous Livinguard Technology from Livinguard that supercharges the microfiber to continuously destroy negatively-charged viruses and bacteria.

Why else you should spend more on just this one mask: It’s reusable (washable up to a possible 150 times), and its stretchy fabric plus adjustable ear loops, nose clip and additional head strap allow for a snug yet comfortable fit even during long periods of strenuous activity.



5. Livinguard Pro Mask, $14.65 (U.P. $31.30)

Photo: Livinguard

Think of this as your daily alternative to the Fitness Mask for times when you aren’t exercising. Treated with the same disinfectant tech from the Swiss-based company to prevent the spread of germs, this 3-layered medical face covering filters ≥95% particles (it’s rated EN 14683) and can help with neutralising bad odour since it is self-disinfecting.

It’s good up to 30 washes (that’s like 210 single-use face masks, if you wash this once weekly), is currently available in 3 sizes (S to L), and comes in a variety of colours such as Bombay Blue, Cosmic Red and Forest Green so you can pick up a few to complement your workday and weekend outfits.



6. Livinguard Street Mask, $9.75 (U.P. $13)

Photo: Livinguard

Prefer something more affordable yet offers a similar level of protection and comfort? Try this one on for size.

Made of super-soft cotton, this 2-layered cloth necessity is also made with Livinguard Technology to keep it bacteria- and virus-free. Adjustable, comfortable and washable (up to 30 times), it’s a great cost-effective choice for those who need to head out frequently. Get this mask in a bundle deal along with Livinguard’s ProtectBag to store it in, so you get an even better value.


All featured Livinguard face masks are available at https://shopsg.livinguard.com; www.facebook.com/livinguardtech; www.instagram.com/livinguardtech

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