6 Fun Ideas For A Cosy Christmas Party At Home

Some socially-distanced ways to have yourself a merry little Christmas.

By Stephanie Wong        14 December 2021

Many of us may be well adapted to living in a pandemic by now, but it’s always challenging around festive seasons when social distancing rules become ever more apparent. Fortunately, with some pre-planning, a scaled-down Christmas at home can be just as joyous as big gatherings.

Here are a few ideas for an intimate celebration at home with your loved ones that keeps you connected with friends and family.

Bake Some Festive Goodies

If you are one of the many who started baking at home during the pandemic, it’s time to put your new hobby to good use by making your own Christmas cookies and sweets. Put a healthier spin on traditional recipes by reducing sugar or adding superfoods, so you can snack guilt-free. These also make perfect gifts for friends and family to share in the festive joy even if you can’t celebrate together. Try our easy recipe for Berry Christmas Cookies!

For those who are not as confident in the kitchen, look out for baking mixes or DIY kits for building gingerbread houses and decorating cookies that are available at bakeries and supermarkets.

Deck The Halls With Handmade Decorations

Give your home a makeover to add sparkle to your stay-home celebration. Make it extra special by crafting unique ornaments together with your family. You can pick up materials for baubles, stockings, garlands, and clay figurines at craft shops, or upcycle old items around the house. Get more ideas by signing up for Christmas craft workshops via the SAFRA clubs’ Facebook pages – more info here.

Another great way to spruce up your home is to introduce more greenery. Assemble your own flower arrangements, or get new house plants to adorn your handmade trimmings. You may also purchase DIY decorating sets, like the ones with a live baby fir or a Christmas wreath available at Ji Mei Flower.

Send Out Personalised Greeting Cards

Whether it’s the thought of another year drawing to a close or the overall cosiness of the holiday season, Christmas tends to have us feeling nostalgic about the good old days. So why not bring back a little tradition and a little human touch through handmade cards?

For a bit of fun, try making an exploding card to spring a literal surprise on your friends and family. You might have seen the trending ones on your social media feed with a wound-up paper butterfly that flies out from the card when opened, or simpler ones with a pop up Christmas tree.

Whip Up A Homemade Christmas Feast

Even a downsized yuletide celebration needs a lavish dinner spread. But instead of ordering in again, try cooking it yourself this year! Get fresh produce delivered to your doorstep from speciality grocers or butchers to avoid the crowd. While turkey, beef, and ham are classic centrepieces, consider designing a lighter menu with less red meat and more seafood.

If you prefer spending less time in the kitchen, compromise by ordering festive roasts from restaurants and throw together a few sides or desserts by yourself. Try Gourmet Carousel’s Satay Turkey or Mandarin Oriental’s Roasted Goose for something a little different – SAFRA members get special deals on both!

For more takeaway feast ideas and details on SAFRA members’ deals, click here.

Go Online For Some Festive Entertainment

Stay connected with friends and family during your celebrations with the help of technology. In addition to video calls, you can host a remote Netflix movie night by using the Teleparty extension on Chrome, which allows multiple users to view content simultaneously. You can also catch live stream performances, such as Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Concert and Jeremy Monteiro’s Jazzy Christmas, as you tuck into some homemade Christmas treats. For the social media savvy, don’t miss the opportunity to flaunt your festive decor and stay-home party plans on Instagram Reels, or try to start a new trend on TikTok.

Host A Cosy Post-Dinner Game Night

Spend some quality time with the family over a few rounds of board games and card games. Pick up locally made games for an evening of Singapore-themed tabletop shenanigans while supporting homegrown designers. You can sneak in some educational games for the young ones, or take the chance to introduce them to traditional games that you grew up with, like kuti-kuti and pick up sticks. Piecing together a jigsaw puzzle is another wonderful way to bond with your family as it often allows conversations to flow and you can proudly display your masterpiece when you’re finished, as a heartwarming reminder of a cherished memory.

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