6 Ways to Find Time for Self-Care This School Holiday 

While the kids enjoy their break, treat yourself to some well-deserved me-time.

By Stephanie Wong        15 December 2021

Parenting is a full-time job. When that saying was first coined, no one could have foreseen the many changes to our daily routine, such as home-based learning, that have formed our new normal. Parents have certainly been experiencing higher levels of stress during the pandemic, worrying about their children’s well-being, coping with the endless new rules and regulations, adapting to remote classes, and juggling work-life balance when working from home.

While students are finally able to take a breather during the year-end school break, parents should also find ways to relax and recharge. Here are some tips on finding little pockets of free time to enjoy some much-deserved rest.

1. Take advantage of holiday enrichment courses

Sign your kids up for one of the many courses at SAFRA and indulge in some quiet time while you wait for them to finish. For the little budding artists, Canvas Ark SAFRA Toa Payoh has special holiday workshops, where you can slip away to sip kopi and pore over a novel at Ya Kun. Or kill two birds with one stone by letting your child burn off excess energy at SAFRA Mount Faber’s Junior Badminton course, while you grab a bite at Old Habits or get some work done at The Work Room.

2. Sneak in a workout to get your blood pumping

Having the kids around all day can easily throw a wrench in your regular schedule. Why not go with the flow and start a new routine? Embrace self-care and give yourself an endorphin boost by switching up your training regime. If you’re dropping off your little one for a class at SAFRA, pop by the EnergyOne gym or one of the many sports facilities for a quick cardio session while you’re there. You can also refresh your workout routine without leaving the house by joining an online class or following fitness influencers on social media.

3. Immerse yourself in a new hobby

Make the most of your downtime by picking up a new hobby or rediscovering an old one. Look for online tutorials or join an interest group at SAFRA to meet like-minded people.

If you’re an avid photographer, take the chance to capture family moments during the holidays and put your skills to the test at the SAFRA Photo Convention 2021 photo competition – you may win cash prizes or a staycation. This year’s theme of “Rediscovering Our Nature” gives you the perfect excuse to spend a day out and get some fresh air. The competition is open till 31 Dec.

4. Learn ways to incorporate mindfulness

Take a more active role in guarding our own well-being by practising mindfulness. A buzzword that has been gaining popularity of late, mindfulness essentially means living in the present and being aware of your thoughts and feelings. This is often put into practice through meditation and yoga, both of which help you to be more grounded and attuned to your senses. Try these revitalising exercises by following a self-led class in the comfort of your home, such as these 6 simple stretches. You could also experiment with different mobile apps that offer interactive guides, such as breathing techniques, and help you keep track of your progress.

5. Work on a home project

Didn’t hop on the Marie Kondo-led trend of decluttering your house earlier this year? It’s never too late to start. Take a break from your screens and get to work on that home project you’ve been putting off for ages. Whether it’s doing a bit of cleaning or tackling bigger problems, like fixing electricals and replacing furniture, getting hands-on around the house can be very therapeutic. Keep the kids busy by assigning chores – here’s how to get everyone involved – and steal yourself some quiet time to concentrate on your tasks. Before you know it, your house will be all spruced up and ready to usher in the new year!

6. Indulge in a spa treatment at home

No time to nip to the salon? Don’t want to get caught in a crowd? Just put your feet up, let your hair down, and have the professionals come to your doorstep. Mobile beauty and wellness services such as Urban Company and The Spa Nomad will bring their pampering treatments to your home, so you can relax with a massage, facial, hair treatment or even a haircut without stepping out.

Hiring trained therapists is probably a rare treat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy regular spa days at home. Perk up your skincare routine with homemade masks and scrubs, or try new techniques, such as dry bushing. For a touch more extravagance, invest in scented candles, aroma diffusers, and plush bathrobes.

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