5 Ways To Attract Potential Employers

Do you really want that job? Here are 5 tips to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

By Kelvin Low      21 May 2019

Consider an alternative entry

Are you having a difficult time getting a company to hire you for a particular position because of a lack of job experience? If so, why not apply for a similar job but with a lower barrier of entry? Your finances might take a beating but it is an opportunity to open the door. Not only are you gaining knowledge and experience, but you are making lifelong contacts. Most companies hire from the inside which makes entry-level positions could end up turning into a new career path.

Be nice to yourself

This will seem odd, but you will need a glowing personality and a sharp mind to ace a job interview! Treat yourself to healthy meals because a job search is akin to running a marathon – your body and mind are both working hard. Do go out and spend time with people who lift you up (hey, network!). In the planning and execution of your job search will not be easy, but you don’t have to stress yourself mentally to achieve it.



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