5 Ways To Attract Potential Employers

Do you really want that job? Here are 5 tips to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

By Kelvin Low      21 May 2019

A career change is not exactly easy, but it is possible. To land a job, it is not sufficient simply to graduate, or even to graduate with very good grades. Prepare to market yourself. While the journey begins by writing a clean resume, here are five other tips to help you land the job you want!

Build a strong presence on social media

Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms is your digital identity. Therefore, a strong presence on social media can also help you get spotted by potential employers alike. The goal here is to stay active and prove that you can engage with people (yes, you’re a team player). Most importantly, there should be a regular update schedule, but be wary of posting potentially sensitive opinion material. Social media is a double edged sword, but you can master the sharpest edge to your advantage.

Plan your career well in advance

Create a list of target employers for your job search, and begin researching each organization. Better still, do research on the industry that the company operates in. The more you know about the way a company operates as well as the market, the more attractive you will be. Marketing yourself, after all, is a matter of pitching your message in the way that your target audience will quickly connect with you. You have to know a lot about your target market if you want to craft a message that will appeal to them.

Make your network work

While having good friends is great, there is a chance that this person may have the right connections in the job market. Nothing will be able to help you more when finding employment than your connections. As a whole, society functions primarily through word-of-mouth and interpersonal connections. Make sure you’re going out of your way to expand your network – you never know when you will meet the right one.


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