5 Easy Recipes For Sandwich Toppings

Whip up a quick and easy lunch.

By Steve Thio        18 June 2021

Need a change from dabao food and feel like making something fast and yummy for the family? Sandwiches are always a good idea. The home-based bakers behind Witty Wheat suggests these easy-to-make toppings for your sandwiches that you can whip up in minutes.

Topping: Butter Mushrooms
Suggested Bread: Cheese And Garlic

A savoury bread is perfect with chunks of buttery, lightly sauteed mushrooms. Deliciously savoury and aromatic with great umami flavours.


1. Heat up a pan to medium high and add olive oil. Add quartered or halved mushrooms into the pan. Stir fry till mushrooms start to sweat a little.

2. Add chopped onions and garlic, stir fry till aromatic.

3. Add butter and lastly just before finishing, add chopped parsley, salt and pepper.

4. Lay your favourite lettuce on toasted bread and spoon the butter mushrooms over the lettuce. Add more cracked pepper to taste.

(L-R) Pan-Grilled Tomatoes With Feta Cheese, Avocado Spread With Sunny-Side Up And Black Olives 

Topping: Pan-Grilled Tomatoes With Feta Cheese
Suggested Bread: Olive

A lightly savoury bread with herbs and olives goes well with a topping of grilled cherry tomatoes and flavourful feta cheese. The hummus brings everything together for a complete mouth-watering experience!


1. Heat up a pan to medium low and add olive oil. Add halved cherry tomatoes flesh side down onto the pan. Let it sizzle till tomatoes are slightly charred, without stirring.

2. Turn over tomatoes, sprinkle pinch of salt over the tomatoes, and let it cook on the skin side for 1 minute.

3. When tomatoes are soft but not mushy, remove from pan and set aside to cool.

4. Spread a layer of hummus on toasted bread and carefully spoon the tomatoes onto the toast. Top with feta cheese.

Optional: add freshly chopped sweet basil leaves before serving.

Topping: Avocado Spread With Sunny-Side Up And Black Olives
Suggested Bread: Multigrain

Multigrain bread has a nutty aroma with real grains and seeds for that crunchy texture, which is the prefect pairing for the smooth avocado spread topped with a fried egg! The bits of black olive cut through the avocado and egg for a refreshing explosion of pleasant acidity.


1. Cut a ripe avocado and spoon the flesh into a bowl. Add salt, pepper, lemon juice and mash it up into a consistent smooth paste.

2. Heat pan on low and add olive oil. Crack in a fresh egg carefully without breaking the yolk. Cook till desired doneness and remove from heat.

3. Spread avocado over toasted bread and spoon the egg over it. Add salt and pepper to taste.

4. Add some chopped black olives for an extra boost of flavour.

(L-R) Crab Mayo, Peanut Butter With Banana

Topping: Crab Mayo
Suggested Bread: Country

Country bread has low acidity and a neutral taste profile. Pair it with the intense flavours of crab mayo and you have a classic sandwich that everyone loves.


1. Mix tinned crab meat with finely chopped cucumber, onions, Japanese mayonnaise, paprika, pepper, salt and a touch of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

2. Lay lettuce on toasted bread and spread the crab mayo generously over it.

Tip: This recipe works for canned tuna too!

Topping: Peanut Butter With Banana
Suggested Bread: Whole Wheat

When toasted well, whole wheat bread produces a crispy surface with a moist crumb which is perfect as the bread base for the creamy texture of peanut butter and banana.


1. Toast a thick slice of bread and spread a generous amount of peanut butter.

2. Cut banana into round slices and lay them over the peanut butter

3. Add some toasted walnut or chia seeds for crunch.

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Recipes and photos courtesy of Witty Wheat. For more information on their home baked breads and topping recipes, visit www.instagram.com/witty.wheat.