2021 Reflections: How Has Your Year Been?

Congratulations, you survived 2021! Take some time to reflect on the year before the new one begins.

By E-lyn Tham        28 December 2021

2021 is stealthily coming to a close – how has your year been? It has admittedly been quite a rollercoaster year; we’re still soldiering through the pandemic, and with the emergence of the new variant, many are questioning if there’ll ever be an end.

However, amid all the challenges and changes, we’re sure that we’ve all come out stronger, and much more resilient than before!

If there’s anything that we want to take away from 2021, it’d be the ability to adapt. With each new year comes new opportunities to find joy and happiness, so let’s end the year on a positive note!

Here are some activities to take on as the year draws to a close:

1. Practice mindfulness

Now, you’ve probably heard this term floating around quite a bit since the start of the pandemic. So, what exactly is mindfulness? With mindfulness, you’re fully in the here and now. It’s the act of tuning out all the white noise in our background, and fully focusing on being present, aware of our current state, and what we’re doing or hope to achieve.

This might seem like meditation, but they’re actually two very separate things!

Meditation is a deliberate act or practice; i.e. you set aside 5 minutes of your day to enter that state of mind.

Mindfulness is more like a state of mind or quality that you’re trying to embody, without the need to set aside a specific time to practice it.

In a way, meditation and mindfulness are somewhat subsets of each other, as they both aim to achieve the same goal. And in the chaos that goes on in the world, what better time is there to set aside some time for yourself and appreciate what we have with a renewed clarity and zest?

2. Enjoy a meal with your loved ones

Photo: Hard Rock Cafe

What better way to round off the year than to spend some quality time with your family and friends? After all, they’re the ones who got you through the year!

Take your pick from plenty of restaurants: escape to Japan at KOMA, dine with a view at any of the cafés lining Robertson Quay, relax at Dempsey, or even spend a day at Quayside Isle and Sentosa. For those with kids in tow, why not check out Hard Rock Café Singapore?

During the meal, why not have your conversation revolve around your takeaways for the year, and what you want to achieve during the next? Reminisce about all the poignant moments that you shared, and the memorable memories that you created together!

If you have any furkids, you can also head to any of the pet-friendly restaurants for an afternoon soirée, such as Baker and Cook, Nassim Hill Bakery, Sunray Café, and more.

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3. Escape from the hustle and bustle

Photo: Singapore Botanic Gardens

In the concrete jungle that we live in, it might sometimes be hard to escape the ongoing hustle and bustle. However, look past the skyscrapers, and you’ll discover that Singapore really does live up to its other reputation of the ‘garden city’! Singapore is home to multiple spots where you can escape reality and gain some respite.

Head to any of the sprawling parks, such as Botanic Gardens or Hort Park for a picnic, or take on a hike at Thomson Nature Park, Southern Ridges, or Kallang Riverside Park. If you’re adventurous, you might even want to take on the 36-kilometre Coast-to-Coast trail to refresh your mind.

4. Pen your thoughts down

Sometimes, we tend to get lost in our sea of thoughts. To avoid losing track, consider penning your thoughts down in the form of journaling. The act of writing can be a form of therapy as well, and can feel really cathartic!

Write about what you’re grateful for this past year, as well as your fondest memories. You can even personalise your journal with photos, doodles and stickers.

5. Create a photo wall

A picture speaks a thousand words. If you’re not into writing, why not create a photo wall containing all of your precious memories?

You can print the photos out, or even print them out in the form of polaroids for a blast of nostalgia. To get in the festive mood, you can even arrange your photos in the shape of a Christmas tree.

The possibilities are endless. Here’s to the end of a memorable year, and to a fantastic 2022!