Why Running Is Good For You & How To Do It

Reasons to start or keep you running. And your last chance to sign up for the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2022!

By Tieffany Freya        18 August 2022

There are numerous health benefits that come with exercising – and in particular, running. Whether you’re a veteran runner or just starting out, this article will provide tips to get you started and improve your run.

Yes, we know. Finding the willpower to put on those running shoes and getting out of the house is the hardest part of running. But, hear us out: running only 10 minutes a day can significantly lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by half. And even more than that, running increases your confidence, builds your stamina and physical strength and aid in weight loss.

If that isn’t enough to convince you why you should start putting on those running shoes, here are a few more ways running will benefit you.

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Here’s your last chance to register for the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2022! Sign up here before registration closes on 21 August 2022.

Jogging for beginners

So, you want to try running but don’t know where to start? Then start small. Begin with simple and realistic goals like training to jog for a full 30 minutes through interval training.

Start by first jogging for 10 minutes at a time, before gradually increasing the amount of time spent jogging over the next few days; until you are able to jog for half an hour without a break

Now, remember how we mentioned that the SSBR & AHM event this 2022 is the perfect opportunity to improve your stamina?

That’s because this year’s edition is a virtual run, with categories that let you clock the distance at your own pace, time and target! Perfect to train your stamina and run as much as you can or want with each running session.

Take on the 21km Cumulative Challenge and complete a half marathon distance by breaking it up into shorter runs over a 4-week period to achieve your fitness goals. You will also feel a sense of achievement when you earn that exclusive 21km finisher tee!

Benefits of slow jogging

Now you might be wondering, “If I’m trying to train for better stamina and longer runs why should I slow down?” Well, the old adage of learning how to walk before you run holds true.

Slow jogging helps establish efficient form, gets your body accustomed to the act of running by adapting your ligaments, tendons, bones and joints to the stress of running. Did you know, slow jogging even burns more calories than high intensity sprints!

So at the end of it all, slowing down allows you to form better habits and routines for when you decide to speed up or run the full distance you’re targetting, for example, a half marathon distance of 21 kilometres.

Can you lose weight from jogging?

The simple answer? Yep! Jogging is an effective activity that burns calories both during, and after the completion of the exercise.

Jogging engages all the muscles, which means you’ll be toned from your shins to your quads.

Among all its benefits though, jogging is one of the best exercise for weight loss. Depending on the intensity of your jogging session, jogging at a high-intensity level can burn 500-600 calories in an hour! That means no matter which category you’re running for the SSBR & AHM, you’ll be contributing to your overall fitness.

Check out the details of the different run categories for the SSBR & AHM 2022 here! Registration is closing very soon, so sign up now!

Bonus idea: aqua jogging

What is Aqua Jogging?

Aqua jogging is basically jogging, but as the name suggests, you jog while submerged in water.

You can try aqua jogging simply by running laps in a pool or by visiting specialty pools and gyms that have aqua treadmills.

So what are the benefits to aqua jogging?

Because water is a lot denser than air, you have to work harder which means you generally burn more calories than when you jog on land. On top of that, the pressure of the water helps your heart pump blood around your body and promotes better blood circulation.

Finally, aqua jogging reduces the pressure to “go fast” with its extra stress on your joints, which cultivates good pacing habits and mindsets.

But if you’re the type who gets bored exercising on the same spot, perhaps running in the great outdoors might still be the right exercise for you.

Jogging vs walking

Now for the ultimate question, which one is better? Jogging or walking? Neither.

Both are aerobic cardiovascular exercises, and neither jogging nor walking is necessarily better than the other. The choice that’s best for you depends on your fitness and health goals.

If you’re looking to lose weight fast and burn more calories, then running is the way to go. And you’ll be burning tons of it at a running event like the SSBR & AHM 2022.

But if you’re looking to simply maintain a healthy weight and reap the numerous health benefits of walking, walking works.

Either way, whether you’re jogging or walking, you’ll still get the same health benefits of a better immune system, stronger heart and increased stamina with the difference being the calories burnt.

So that’s great news if you’re taking part with your younger ones in the Families for Life 10km Cumulative Challenge at the SSBR & AHM 2022. It’s perfectly alright if you occasionally slow to a brisk walk to give your little ones a break or give them a chance to catch up with you. What matters is that you’re still clocking healthy air time outdoors and keeping fit, while making memories and bonding with your kids!

Last chance to register for the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2022! Click here to sign up before registration closes on 21 August 2022.