Benefits Of Running A Virtual Run: The SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2022

Find out why you should sign up for this virtual run!

By Ryan Wee & Tieffany Freya        5 August 2022

What’s a virtual run? Should you do one? And how is it different from an in-person running event?

From choosing where to run, to when you do it, here are some reasons why you might still skip a traditional physical run event this year to sign up for a virtual one instead.

Read on if you’ve never taken part in a virtual run or even if you’re a veteran runner in both virtual runs and physical in-person events!

What is a virtual run?

Well, a virtual run works pretty much the same as any other type of run or marathon. The difference? A virtual run can be done anywhere and anytime. Even if you’re on an overseas trip, you’ll still be able to take part in the virtual run!

Simply register online and complete the run on your own time, at your own pace and on your own route as you clock your distance.

Coming in hot on the heels of last year’s edition that became Singapore’s biggest virtual run – is the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2022 (SSBR & AHM 2022)! Registration is now open so make sure you do it soon. Click here to sign up.

Why do a virtual run?

We’ll take you through 8 reasons why a virtual run is not just a passing trend during the pandemic, and how different it is from the usual traditional run. Keep scrolling!

1. You’re the captain of your erm… legs

Well, by choosing to do a virtual run, you’ll get so much more flexibility, as you are in charge of pretty much everything. Besides being able to dictate how fast you run or how long you want to run for, the winner for many runners is that you get to choose your own route, whether it’s getting in touch with nature on a run through a forest trail or your favourite park near your home.

2. You’ll save much more on registration fees

How much does it cost to register for a virtual run? You might find it hard to believe, but registration starts from just $10 for the SSBR & AHM 2022! And that gets you a run pack that includes lots of goodies (read the next section to find out what they are). Hard to beat.

3. You’ll get good(ies)

Of course, no run is complete without a few goodies and tokens. For this year’s SSBR & AHM 2022, you will get your run pack mailed to you directly.

For the 21km categories, it comes with a SSBR & AHM Army singlet (for SAF NSmen) or event tee (for SAFRA members and the public), while participants of the Families for Life 10km Cumulative Challenge get a special running tee.

Finishers of the 21km categories will get a 21km Finisher Tee, while those who complete the half marathon will get a Finisher Medal. Teams that complete the NS55 Cumulative Team Challenge will receive the NS55 Finisher Tee.

Click here for full details!

4. You don’t have to be a seasoned runner to take part

After 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to have gotten used to holing up at home, and some of us might need to regain our fitness levels progressively. The 21km Cumulative Challenge allows you to start with shorter runs, and move towards longer running sessions over the virtual event’s span of 4 weeks. It might even be something to help train and prepare you for running the classic 21km Half Marathon at one go. So clock your shorter runs, and train your stamina en route to your 21km Finisher Tee!

The 21km Cumulative Challenge is also great if you’re running with a partner or friend who’s a budding runner looking to improve their overall stamina and speed. No matter if you go big or start small, everyone ends up a finisher of the 21km.
finisher of the 21km.

5. Beat the weather

With Singapore’s weather of unrelenting sunny days and heavy downpours, going on a virtual run means you can escape the elements and choose the best running conditions for yourself. No more coming home after a marathon only to find deep tan lines from the blazing hot sun, or the pinching soreness from a sunburn. Or being soaked to the skin from rain (though it might not make much of a difference if you’re already drenched in sweat!).

6. Create the optimal conditions for clocking your personal best

If you’re an avid runner who’s serious about beating your personal best, the signature 21km Half Marathon category is a must. You’ll need to complete the full distance in a single attempt, but at the convenience of when and where you want to do it.

So if you’re an early bird, you can complete your distance in your favourite time of the morning. Or if your best running form is late in the evenings, you can always do your run after dark in the refreshing night breeze.

Where you run makes a difference too. Whether it’s the consistency of a running track, vibrant scenery on a trail by the waterside or a nature reserve like the Bukit Timah Reserve.

It’s also the perfect category for runners who are just looking to challenge themselves to complete 21km and earn your Finisher Medal. And maybe post it on social media for a little humblebragging?

7. You can team up with your buddies

With this year marking 55 years of national service, why not take a run down memory lane with your NS buddies in the SSBR & AHM’s brand new NS55 Cumulative Team Challenge?

Group up as a team of up to 5 members with your running kakis. Over the 4 weeks of the virtual run, the distance each of you clock should add up to the 55km goal.

Arrange for some runs together and you can all hang out for a kopi session at the same time to talk about the good old days in NS. The NS55 Cumulative Team Challenge is open to all SAF NSmen, past and present.

Gather your team and sign up soon. Every member of the first 200 teams will get an Our Army Pixelated Picnic Mat!

8. Make it a family activity

As a parent, you’re probably always on the hunt for ways to spend quality time with your loved ones and keep the kids busy. Why not bond as a family in the Families for Life 10km Cumulative Challenge?

Coordinate with your young ones and rock matching outfits as the family clocks the distance together to complete 10km.

Psst…Sign up quick, the first 1000 families who register will get an exclusive Army Recon Bear Tote Bag!

How do I participate?

Simply log onto the SSBR & AHM 2022 website here and choose the category you want.

And it’s not open only to national servicemen and SAFRA members – anyone can join, together with your family, team, or even company!

Here’s a quick look again at the 4 categories:

  1. 21km Half Marathon

Complete the full distance of 21 kilometres within a single attempt at any time during the 4-week virtual event period.

  1. 21km Cumulative Challenge

Accumulate your distance to complete the 21 kilometres through a series of shorter runs during the 4-week virtual event period.

  1. NS55 Cumulative Team Challenge (new!)

Only for SAF NSmen (ORNS, MR & Ex-NSmen) – you can participate as a team of up to 5 members.

Each team member’s distance will contribute towards completing a total of 55km during the 4-week virtual event period.

  1. Families for Life 10km Cumulative Challenge

For families only – run as a team of up to 5 members. Each of your family member’s distance will be added up to contribute towards completing a total of 10km during the virtual event period.

Found the running category best suited for you? Then gear up with your running shoes and register now for the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2022!