Why Buy When You Can Rent A Car?

4 reasons why you should hire an auto and the best places where you can do so.

By Chris Ong        18 October 2021

To buy or not to buy a car? That is the question. Our answer: Rent one.

As we all might know, putting down our hard-earned cash for a 4-wheel drive is a serious matter. Instead of rushing headlong into committing to purchasing one (especially for first-time car owners), why not rent a model (or a few) over short periods of time, to see whether owning your very own Bumblebee works out for you in the long run?

Similar to the idea of car sharing (read all about the advantages here), car rental is a practical and convenient way of finding out. Still deciding on “shifting gears” between buying or hiring? We list out 4 reasons why renting a car could be more ideal than owning one for your lifestyle.


1. Because you need a car for now, not forever

Photo: Honda.com.sg

There might come a time in your life, that you might need to have a car on hand. So many circumstances come to mind. A temporary office or work project that’s located far from where you live; elderly parents who might need to make frequent visits to the hospital for their medical appointments; or young kids who might be studying at a school that’s not quite within walking distance.

By renting your own personal vehicle for the family or for work, you get convenience, safety and comfort, and also time and even money saved (time is money, too), without actually having to fork out a huge sum to purchase one. And, when you no longer need to drive or play driver, you can simply stop hiring the car. Totally cost-effective!

Photo: Honda.com.sg

For family-friendly options, a Honda might just be your right ride. Kah Motor Co. Sdn. Bhd. offers a whole host of Honda models – from Civic and Accord, to Jazz and Stream – for you to choose from. What’s more, the company provides a suite of services such as free delivery anywhere within Singapore, 24-hour breakdown service, a free additional driver service if needed, and a replacement car in the event of an accident or a breakdown during office hours, making renting a Honda your family’s top choice.

Visit Kah Motor Co. Sdn. Bhd. at www.honda.com.sg//rental-leasing.html for more information.

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2. Because you don’t want the hassle of actually owning a car

Photo: Alpine Car Rental

Yes, possessing a car does offer convenience and comfort, but with owning such property comes great responsibility. You have to keep in mind to constantly pay for all the taxes, fuel costs and insurance fees; wash, clean and maintain it, both exterior- and interior-wise; and if it is your precious first-car baby, be super mindful about every single little part of it and any resultant depreciation loss.

Not saying that you can adopt a heck-care attitude to a rental car, but there is much less worry and fuss to make about it. You just need to do your civic-best to keep it clean, incident- and accident-free, and pay for what’s needed for usual car rentals. If you’re a good driver, it’s a stress-free deal!

Here’s how you can make renting one less worrisome – by turning to Alpine Car Rental. Said to be of good repute with a loyal base of customers, the company provides efficiency, coupled with professional pre-sales advice and a complete after-sales service. And of course, competitive rates.

Alpine Car Rental, 7 Ubi Close, Alpine Centre, Ground Floor Annex, 408604, http://alpinecarrental.com.sg; www.facebook.com/AlpineCarRental; www.instagram.com/alpinecarrental

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3. Because you can’t make up your mind on what model to purchase

Say you’re an absolute motorhead. Or, a complete noob at the wheels. Whichever one you might be, you could face that one hair-tearing problem: Which car is your ride-or-die? It’s neither possible to buy an entire fleet (unless you are Forbes-rich) or advisable to empty your savings for an “unknown variable X” drive, just because you can’t choose.

Here’s an idea: Rent. Different brands, different models, for different periods at a time. It’s a great way to test out and find that future, fast and furious or slow and steady, promised one of yours.

Start with those available at Hertz Singapore. It promises a “wide fleet of modern vehicles, ranging from functional sedans to spacious 7-Seater MPVS and luxurious BMWs”. Meaning you’ll find BMWs (including convertibles) and the electric BYD e6 model, as well as popular makes from Kia, Hyundai and Peugeot. Also, if you prefer to be driven on special occasions rather then “trial-driving” your rental car, Hertz Singapore also offers Chauffeur Drive and Wedding Car services.

Hertz, multiple locations, www.hertzsingapore.com; www.facebook.com/Hertzsingapore; www.instagram.com/hertz_singapore

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4. Because you want to earn some money or gain work experience

Some of us might be at that stage in life where we just want to get some extra income or work experience before furthering our studies, are in between jobs, or just want to try out being a driver on our own time. But, what if you don’t have a car and don’t want to fork out (or have) the extra money to buy one just because?

ComfortDelGro Rent-A-Car has the perfect solution. The well-known trusty taxi operator also runs long-term and monthly car rental services for companies as well as light goods vehicle rental and private hire vehicle (PHV) rental for individuals who want to try their hand at being private couriers, delivery drivers or ride-hailing drivers.

Photo: ComfortDelGro Rent-A-Car

Given its over 4-decade-long history and track record as transport operators, it’s safe to head straight for ComfortDelGro to rent one. It’s an official partner of the ComfortRide, Gojek GoFleet and Lalamove platforms; offers free non-obligated consultations for first-time renters; and has Car Doctors specialists on standby 24/7 for its Emergency Breakdown Service in SG. What’s more, it offers up to 35% discount off petrol refuels for its PHV hirers at 7 of its petrol kiosks. So it’s more savings while you earn more income and work experience!

ComfortDelGro Rent-A-Car Pte Ltd, 205 Braddell Road, 579701, www.cdgrentacar.com.sg; www.facebook.com/cdgrentacar

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